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Most Fun at a Marathon

By Dicko - Posted on 24 September 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Kowalski Classic 2013
SXC Racing
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Well what can I say - great event, well organised and great course !

For those that love singletrack then this is the race for you. It was hard to imagine a course that can push you to your limits and put a smile on your face at the same time.

I didn't have this race on my calendar at first, but when a spare ticket came up, and we had a crew from SXC Racing Team already going I thought what the hell, how can I miss this. I am glad I didn't miss this one.

The SXC Racing team had Craig (Craked) and Matty Russell in the 50 and myself, Brian and Dave (Doc) in the Full Kowalski. With Brian and Dave training the house down in recent times I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me.

Starting in wave 1 the plan was to tag onto the back of the elite field and take advantage of as much clear track as possible. After a disastrous week in QLD at the Flight Centre Epic the week before, I wanted to ensure that I raced conservatively, so I had plenty left for the second 50. This worked a treat from the start, the only difference to my plan was, watching Brian climb like a rabbit up the first hill. I stuck to my plan, knowing that I would reel him in over the course of the day - little did I know that this was the first and last time I would see Brian for the rest of the day.

As I rode the first bit of ST, I found myself riding with Jodie Willet. It stayed this way for the entire first 50km, swapping turns through different sections of track, keep a steady but conservative tempo. I was feeling good, maybe too good and relaxed and was riding like on a Sunday ride with a mate. God I loved this course. Even the much talked about escalator, wasn't anywhere as bad as I thought and the kms ticked away quickly.

The second 40 was much the same, but I noticed myself slowing down a tad, and realised I hadn't eaten near enough food with all the fun.

After a couple of challenging rocky ST sections, and about 25km to go, I picked up the pace. Riding strongly I picked off a few positions, but was surprised how lonely it was with over 600 riders somewhere in the forest. It is here you begin to doubt how you going. I still had not seen Brian, but figured I must be around 5th in category and 30th overall. I kept pushing until I found myself back on some familiar trails and new the end was not far away.

Crossing the line, Matty, Russell, greeted me announcing I was 3rd in Masters. Results were later updated with Mike Israel pipping me by 30 secs having started in a later wave and pushing me back to 4th. Then I saw Brian, with smile from ear to ear, having
the ride of his life and making his first individual podium. Well done mate !

It was a good day out for the new SXC Racing Team with a podium, 3 top 5 finishes and a 9th and 12th in category. Well done team.

For full results and team reports

Again thanks to @peppercoaching Ant and Kyle for all the support - we wouldn't be here without you boys.

Thanks to Cyclery Northside and Specialized for the best marathon bike bar none - Sworks Epic and our other sponsors Essential Sports Performance Nutrition, TotalAutoFinance , Round the World Experts, and Lupine , for supporting our team from success to success.

Well done mate. I was expecting you to pass me at any time. I was lucky the track was so windy so it kept me out of sight Smiling

great work Wayne ,it was an awesome course...challenging yet fun at the same time. sorry I didn,t get to catch up after the race.but will see you at the scott

Great write up and good result. It's hard not to have fun on those drawn out descents, even when you have 80km pulled out of you. Great to catch up after the race too.

Good to hear you enjoyed the race so much, it seems to be the common sentiment, hopefully next year for me.

Great result Wayne, shame you were pipped at the end for that podium position, but the enjoyment factor can't be over looked.

Well done mate.

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