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CORC Scott25 2013

By Brian - Posted on 29 September 2013

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Saturday, 5 October, 2013 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

Uriarra Road, just up from the Uriarra Road/Coppins Crossing Road turnoff.

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Change for 2013. We’ll be adding a bonus hour of racing making the race the Scott 25 Hour. This is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CORC. 2013 dates are 5&6 October for the Scott 25hr and just to make it even more interesting, its a daylight savings weekend too. So, the race starts at 1100 Saturday and finishes at 1300 Sunday to give you the 25 hours. There will be no solo category in the 2013 Scott. All solo riders are welcome to enter the WEMBO World Solo the following weekend of 12&13 October and all the team riders are more than welcome to come along and watch. See the world’s best solo 24 hour riders in action.

Who's in?
Brian, staffe, Blades_Utd, Dicko, craked, beetle, teeps, StanTheMan (8 riders)
Brian staffe Blades_Utd Dicko craked beetle teeps StanTheMan
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Brian 2013 Scott 25hr - SXC Racing Finished 45 25:05:22 6 Male 40+ 6 1

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I am astonished at the huge of interest in The Scott this year.

a number of race promoters have noticed their numbers down, but none more so than this event I suspect.
The silence around team 24hr racing is deafening.
Still - it'll be fun, and maybe a bit more room on track with less riders there!

Yes, it's all been very quiet. I'm keen to see the start list.

I cant see it being completely many riders usually? 3500? plus all the , team managers, kids, family.It will be awesome.

but I recon at night will become a lot quiter. with the 6+7 catergory this year.

wow....I stand corrected

1300 riders this year. should be plenty of room for camping. LOL

That really is MUCH smaller hey?

I wonder why that is. I am sure it might be the topic of a thread soon - the reduction in interest in the 100's and the 24's.....

Still - more room on track, less queueing for showers and food, less noise for sleeping, yet still the same fun with mates.

Where are you getting the numbers from?

post 6

riders by name it states 1302 riders entered

if those numbers are correct.....thats about 68m per rider on the first lap. 293 teams entered in total


With more and more Marathons coming along each year, even the odd extra 24hr race.
I myself after 6 years back at racing and the last few going away to race every other week, have gotten a little tired of packing up the car to go away for yet another weekend.
I know the last few years at 3am, getting up in the cold/wet I've said to myself "this is the last one for a while"
Next year ill do a couple of big races but will mainly be racing club events around Sydney on the road, CX bike and xc Mtb.
Still a lot of racing but less time in the saddle, less nights away and usually home by lunchtime on Sunday.
That's just me but I know a lot of my friends are thinking the same way. There's been just to much to choose from lately and I think I've been a bit greedy, ate all the pies and now made myself sick! ( so to speak )
Anyway, enjoy the race ( and the space )boys and girls.
Go hard and stay safe!
Oh, and if someone comes up behind you, get out the F'ing way! And if you're passing someone, be polite! Eye-wink

GAZZA, tell the truth. It's because next year I'll be in the masters category Sticking out tongue

funny thing is though. as hard as it is getting up at that time of day ( and I've done my share of those 3.30am laps.) the most memorable laps have always been night laps.

were doing the 7+6....taking the kids & so on. We had a ball at last years sydney 24 hr at Mt Annan. except for racing in the heat. talk about extreems. LOL

The weather's looking great (for Canberra). Should be an awesome weekend. Just remember it will be double demerit points so make sure bike carriers have proper plates, not covering lights etc and drive safe.

See you down there Smiling

Bri! You got me!

Great point Brian....thank you

Another couple of points:
1. A few years ago the organisers of the Scott stopped people from having their cars near their camp sites.
2. They also locked the gates and you couldn't get out until 4:30pm after the race.

As silly as those points are it put a lot of peoples noses out of joint.

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