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By DudeistPriest - Posted on 08 October 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

As anyone heard of/bought anything from GPS R US and if so what's the feedback, good or bad?


So what do you think about this, seems pretty cheap?


Use them several times now always left positive feed back. Just read the description well and you can't go wrong

Used them a few times and found their prices and service excellent. Make sure you know what you want, as per anything online, and the order is processed the same day in my experience.

Very satisfied with them and would use them again.


Well... the Edge 510 isn't as small as you'd think. See:

The link you posted is described as head unit only so doesn't have HR or cadence monitors. Personally, I'd be getting the older Edge 500 with a premium HR strap for $11 more. You might like an Edge 500 with standard HR & cadence for $4 less too.

Nice pricing on that site though. Wonder if you-know-who will price-match-minus-10% it? Eye-wink

Thanks for the feedback. I've emailed the company a couple of times today to try and get a feel for their level of service and they seem pretty good.


Thanks for the suggestions.


My 305 is reaching end of life and have been looking around. I agree with Rob the 500 seems the better bet - all the new features of the 510 are meh and its bigger, heavier - Read a review that said wait for the 515 whenever they make that or go the 500.
Anyway highly tuned athletes has the 500 around $189, and the 510 cheap too. Pushy's have a good special on the 510 too

I ended up buying the 500, once again thanks for the advice/suggestions.


Hi everybody,

I'll tell you about my experience on GPS-R-US Currumbin, QLD.

I bought more than 3 months ago the Garmin 500 gps and the Garmin Heart Rate strap with electrodes. I have received those items but I did make a mistake buying the heart rate strap and I have notified immediately the company saying that I wanted to swap the strap with another one more expensive that what I bought because it didn't have the battery. He replied to me he could have sent to me the battery alone, but I didn't want it. At the end after arguments over the strap writing emails back and forward with the company the man I think in charge of the company, Mr Patrick Haas agreed to refund the item and he gave me the mail address to return it. I didn't remember to check the address he provided to me I have posted the item to the address provided on the original tax invoice, also the business address that is on their website. I have waited very long to get the money back but after 3 months still Patrick Haas didn't send the $30 back to me. He said that I didn't read the address he provided on the email and the address I have sent the parcel belongs to his accountant who is presently away for another 10 days before we can get it redirected..So allow about 14 days for us to be able to do a refund, that's what he wrote to me.

Where does he operate the business in a remote isolated area? Anyway I have to lodge a formal complaint and even with that complaint he is telling that he didn't get the parcel.

I don't want to buy anything from GPS-R-US and everybody should know that Patrick Haas is a bullshit man.

I don't normally concern myself with forum related feedback, But this warrants a reply.

You were asked to return the item in a safe secure manner. Auspost lost the item & when it did finally turn up. You were promptly refunded as per your request. ( we refrain from using Auspot services where possible due to the fact items went missing frequently )

Please in future ensure that if you are going to return time sensitive items that you use tracking, This ensures accountability in ever step of the returns process.

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