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Back Protectors

By DudeistPriest - Posted on 20 October 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So while I am sitting here recovering from a broken rib, posteriorly right next to my spine, I'm thinking I might invest in a spine protector before I get back on the bike.

So I am after the XC crew's thoughts on them, good/bad/worthwhile/waste of time?


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The main issue I have with body armour for XC riding is that it causes me to overheat, especially thru late spring/summer/most of autumn. That in turn makes the brain go fuzzy and saps concentration and control, which increases my risk of an accident. So the net result is actually the exact opposite of what I'm looking for.

The hydration pack does almost exactly the same thing from a back protection perspective, suspends a bit better from my back, so the ventilation is better, and I can drink when I need to.

One of our crew went OTB today and landed on his back. His Camelbak took most of it.

For lap races though I prefer to go bareback and run a bottle. That's when I'm coolest, most comfortable and able to concentrate best. Last time I used body armour (kneeguards) I broke my collarbone. False sense of security was probably a factor.

On the day I wasn't wearing my hydro pack, so maybe that's all I need.

Posting pics on this forum sucks,is it 1995? Here is a link to a pic Eye-wink

It is a Deuter attack they have a built in spine protector.

POC do a hydration/spine pack + body armour. Bit expensive but ok for distance riding not short course racing.

They have a large range of body armour there also.

Here's your link

After 2 broken ribs in quick succession last year - one due to slipping on a climb and trying to go through my bars, and the other due to an OTB, I looked into some lightweight armour for the more techy riding (fast laps of Ya Mum, some of the more interesting lines at Red Hil).

I ended up settling on the Dainese Rhyolite vest:

While it certainly is noticeable when stopped, and on hot days, it's light enough that when you're actually moving it breathes very well. That said, I wouldn't want to wear it on a 30 deg day doing laps of Ourimbah or Awaba, but for proper tech stuff it's really nice.

It's got a great back protector, along with some should and rib protection too.

I ended up having pretty much the same stack recently that broke my rib last year, and came out of it without any issues.

So, if you want something for extra protection on those heavy tech riding days, it's definitely a good option.

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