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im world famous!

By GAZZA - Posted on 26 February 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

got a message from a friend on facebook who desighns the site for my old bike shop back home and have a custom roadframe ( and had many xc mtb's made in the past) from. they have about five photos rotating on their homepage and im on one of them. might seem lame to you guys but it means a lot in centimental terms to me!

It's lame... Eye-wink

Naa - nice one Gaz! He even through in the annotation...
You've got the same look about you, determined & poised!
Nooice one mate!

You haven't changed a bit (you couldn't straighten your elbows back then either)

birthday present!

oh! did i just mention on the site it's your birthday this Saturday... Smiling

Gazza, same birthday as Roger Daltrey.

Happy Birthday, are you going to be up for an early one on Sunday morning!

the photo is from last year at stromlo on the 4x track. the guy who put it on the site got it from my facebook account. im more likely to be up for a ride on sat paul. do you honestly think me, of all people will be staying sober on my birthday! and how did you know about his birthday(roger) are you a big fan?

Who was talking about a ride?

The Who, Yes, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd - I grew up with them. see the picture, but the site has gone over it's monthly quota? Bugger!

that pops up in the random image every so often. It's of you Gaz with a very impressive appendage. Not quite bike related, but cetainly sentimental.

you've got a very dirty sense of humour! and Anke, people obviously heard about my pic on the site and went ballistic with visits! don't worry though, it was just a boring one of me at sromlo.

...that's a relief - I thought I was missing something!

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