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Specialized Sworks Epic World Cup

By Dicko - Posted on 17 December 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well after a long wait, my new bike has arrived, and all I can say is the wait was worth it !

Check out some of the pics of my new 2014 Specialized Sworks Epic World Cup !

I can't wait to get this baby dirty over the Christmas break. Keep a look out, and you may see me riding past !

Thanks to Peter and the amazing team at Cyclery Northside and Specialized for getting the bike setup for me.

Now that I have the best marathon bike around there are no excuses for next years Absa Cape Epic - just need to sort out the engine now !

Very nice Dicko, you're going to have a lot of fun on that. Perfect for the cape epic too.

... Cause 2 months ago the only colour scheme for the 2014 SW Epic WC was silver. The regular 2014 SW epic was yellow or red with gold trim.

One of the reasons I went with a 2013 frame set cause it's back with red and white trim.

Me thinks Specialized have pulled a bit of a swifty. I see that the website now shows different colours all together.

But you have benefited Dicko cause your paint scheme is spot on!

Do u know what it weighs?

Xmas that is for the frame only colours and those colours still apply. If you buy the complete bike you have a choice of black with red / white trim (pictured) or white with black trim.

As for weight, with a few basic mods 9.32kg with pedals and cage on a small frame

Thanks Dicko. Didn't think to look at the 2014 frame set options again.

9.32 ... Had a feeling you wouldn't have mucked around getting it on the scales Smiling


that's as good as it gets, well done. 9.3 for a dually 29er is pretty amazing


I'm also expecting my 2014 bike to arrive in a box in the next day or so. Am at home recovering from a sinus operation so am keen to make the most of my time building it. Petty I can't ride for 3 weeks though ...

Looks awesome and fast. I have a feeling I'm going to be focusing on that rear wheel a lot these Xmas holidays Eye-wink

.....9.32kg......I am going on diet. No Christmas pudding for me!!

Beautiful bike Dicko. Enjoy the ride!! can take a better pic than that!!!! thats first I thought it was a for sale thread. LOL

For the photography critics out there, here are some nicer more professional shots

Funny how you can be so content with your own bike until someone buys a new one and all you can think is, "mine's not good enough now!"

I remember hearing you talking about getting it in July and after the long wait it's arrived! Looking forward to some good training before you do the Epic on the Epic!

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