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Bike plates for your car

By GiantNut - Posted on 11 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

In case peps here don't realise

Every Xmas hols love the variations of number plates you see. Some cardboard, some have taken the time to go to Bunnings buy stick on letters and numbers and place em on a board - all illegal if you didn't know.
Saw a CX9 in StIves nice bikes looking like they just came back from a ride in Terry hills - no plate at all. Bad news big fine for all of the above if you don't know - sad and sorry tales here.

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More importantly its three demerit points. This could mean a lost licence if you are 5 klm over the limit with double demerits.You can unscrew your proper plates and stick them outside the bikes on the back if you can't afford the special bike plates.

Nice reminder. My rack plate is sitting at the RMA awaiting collection Eye-wink

If you carry bikes on a tow bar based rack, and if it obscures the number plate, best spend the $35 to get a bike number plate. It's a one off fee.
Police can fine you and issue demerit points for:
Failing to display a correct number plate,
Having a false number plate (for those that make their own)

I remember a Mtb event years ago when a copper was pulling over many a driver for both of the above. Was something like $650 fine all up.

As giantnut said, it's holiday season and only yesterday I was driving back from Taree, only to see car after car of obstructed number plates due to bikes....

Don't get caught! $650 buys a damn good wheelset these days...

Setting off for Canberra from Manly, got pulled at RBT 5 minutes into journey. Officer got me out to look at my Thule bike rack - hitch mount low one with tracks that the bikes sit on rather than the folding high mount type, has lights and plate built in. He asked why I didn't have a plate to which I confidently replied I did. It was partially hidded by a fold down flap covering a handle. Pulled it up and he said thanks.

At that point his colleague asked why the plates don't match the car. Doh and face palm as I realize that I'm using the wife's car today not my own. Embarrassment turns to horror as he points out 3 points, $1000 fine for not displaying bike plate and $1000 for not displaying the correct vehicle plate!!

I apologized and explained and he said as long as I go straight home and swap vehicles I'd be ok. Phew. So, if you swap between cars ever, remember this.

Rode with a mate today who informed me he got done $405 for same reason on Friday arvo on M1 a Berowra on way back from holiday up the coast. Yet the police do nothing about drivers sitting driving slowly in the middle or right-hand lanes! Revenue raising perhaps?

Met a lady down at Thredbo that got done for no bike plate, but that wasn't her biggest problem, she was taking her son & his 3 mates down to Thredbo, Police Officer said the bikes were obscuring her tail lights, so he wouldn't let them leave the side of the road with the bikes on the rack, try get getting 5 people & 4 bikes into the car!

I reccomend getting the Light Board (Thule) as well to put the Bike Plate on. Once you have more than one bike on the rack its very hard to see the lights. The Light Board is much cheaper than a rear end collsion wiping out 3 bikes!

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