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Bottle cage

By Warthog - Posted on 16 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Guys, I am looking for suggestions for a quality side entry bottle cage that will hold a bottle over the rough stuff. Any comments / suggestions welcomed.


Specialized do one that is superb.

Specialized Z Cage - get the plastic one as they are a bit more flexible.

Note you do need to replace them every 6mths or so for the amount of riding you do Minter, as they cage gets a bit flexy after lots of use.

When new - upto 6 - 12 mths they are perfect.


I'd have to go with everyone else, Specialized Z-cage. They are easy to load a bottle into, never lost one on the trail and they look good.

......cage on that brand new fancy Crackenfail Scalpel of yours Smiling

It will be deemed by me to be an admission Smiling

I have one of these and have never lost a bottle out of it. I find it very useful as it can be swapped around to be left or right side entry depending on your preference.

Slightly left field but have a look at the Vincero Designs system. I started using it to get a big bottle onto the Santa Cruz and now use them on all my bikes.

+1 for the specialized Z cage. I have one fitted on my Camber and I have never lost a bottle. I've seen plenty littered around the track on races and I've never had to worry about my own falling out.

I have one that's never been used that I'd be happy to offload if interested.

Thanks All - Jon, will do a bit of research on the Arundel and pm you but looks like Specialized is the way to go.


These are probably the best side loader on the market, had one on my pivot mach for for the last four years and have never dropped a bottle and its still as good as the day I bought it, very bling indeed also

Cheers chris

can anybody point me into where to purchase one of these cages, either local or online.

Im happy with my cheap plastic elite cages on the hardtail & roadie,
but its a tight fit on the dually & a side load might be the ticket.


P.S. It's a "Specialized Zee Cage", not a 'Z Cage'. Having the right name will certainly make a difference searching online.

I have one on my Scalpel and it works well.

No chance that sucker will fall out, no matter how rough the track.

There's a choice of the Side Loader and Another Side Loader depending on whether you want right or left. Or is that left or right. Whatever. Look it up.

Bespoke Cycles in Bayswater carry them here in Perth

Another for arundel other side loader ( that's the right hand side version) - snaps into place well, and works well with camelbak podiums if you use those ( best bottle ever for me)

I got mine off havent lost a camelback bottle yet

Dragging up an old topic I know, but is the Arundel side loader still the cage of choice?

I'm looking for a decent cage that isn't going to eject the bottle at the first bump and thought a sideloader may make things a bit easier access wise.

Never had an issue with the Specialized Z side loader cage. Can't remember the name of that downhill section of the Dwelly 100 but it is always littered with bottles. I've never had a bottle come loose and that's after 3 years on my bike

I've got a BBB side cage and have not lost a bottle over about a year of riding.

Yes, Arundel is still the side loader of choice.

I have a Spesh Z cage that I tried, and the Arundel Side Loader is easier to get Camelbak Podiums into and out of.

Not cheap, though.

My Dually came without bottle mounts, solved that issue, dont need to look for 1

is a deal-killer for me.

The low cage mount on my Scalpel is just barely workable.

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