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Awaba WWS?

By Rob - Posted on 12 March 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey, anyone want to do the Awaba WWS race in June? June 22 to be precise.

The Awaba course is new and shiny so wouldn't mind a look. Solo or pairs == taking it easy, but a threesome is much more fun, anyone game?

Dear lord, wait 'til Stuart reads that! Please, no smutty remarks unless you want to come to the event! Sticking out tongue

Update: Now in the calendar:

is that the xc? is that finished now too? i gotta get to awaba!

The WWS are XC races, yeah. You could go do some DH while your team mates where lapping though. Eye-wink

I don't think they've even started on the XC track at Awaba yet. A proposed track has been mapped out, but HMBA were waiting on the completion of a Flora & Fauna Impact Assessment before they could begin construction.

The Awaba XC trail hasn't been completed as yet. Timing will be tight, but the fall back will be killi.

We have spoken to BOE and if the venue needs to changed, it will be announced a month out. I'm still hopefull it will be awaba, but the way the weather has been up here, who knows.

The good news with killi is that we invested some $$$ into getting the road fixed, so the grand canyon is no longer hampering vehicle access to the race site.

on that note, is the DH track now fully rideable ie no chains etc and totally finished? just wondering as maybe next weekend will be a good time to check it out?

Anyone.... anyone.... anyone... ... ... Bueller?

Could be tempted... Shocked

DH trail is fully ridable but the chains are up unless some club members are out riding. Unfortunately at the moment the main road to the top is blocked by a 7mx7mx7m cube of solid rock that fell from just under the rock garden taking out everything in its path.

The authorities are still working out what to do with it and there is no way around it.

As for the WWS round, it has been moved to killi as a Flora and Fauna issue has caused a rethink on a section of the XC trail and we need to sort that before we build. Bit of a pain, but we need to do it properly.

As much as we would like to get out onto a new course, it's better that's done properly, the first time. Cool

I'm interested.
Like the idea of a vets/masters pair or *threesome*

Never been to Killi.

I'll be heading up to the 8hr as part of The Elvis Project. Hanging toward the back of the field in the mixed 3s. Can be found around the X-Fusion / DIY MTB tent.
See you there.

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