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XTR 2015: 11 speed and electronic

By hawkeye - Posted on 01 March 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Interesting photos and commentary (in French) here:

Chrome users can get a useful english translation by turning on the auto translate feature.

Comments on crank aesthetics not particularly complimentary!


English version . Interestingly the 9020-3 crank is a 3 ring crank? And the cassette seems to be an 11-40T - could result in and interesting derailleur capacity of 47T - The pic indicates the three ring is part of a 3x11 system!.

Wonder if it is real?

It's also Frigging ugly!!
Wonder if they've just posted generic crank pics for their media leak? They look very outdated.

Electronic shifting is great for road but Mtb?
Shimano xtr mechs are great shifting but in my experience, very weak.
I've smashed a few and they've failed twice on me before my mech hanger even bent!
I'd hate to think of the cost of replacing an electronic one????

Though still not sure if that is the finished product or some pre-production photos???

A stick through an $800 deraileur ! That'd wreck my day for sure.......

... cause i reckon those new XTR cranks look like sex on 2 wheels.. although the current graphics are probably better.

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