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North Shore Bike Racks

By Meakesy - Posted on 01 March 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience of heard of North Shore Bike racks in Australia. I'm starting to ride places like Ourimbah and do shuttles with my riding mates, as well as going on longer trips with 3-4 bikes, and my current bike rack just struggles and the bikes rub each other or even slip off the rack when you put 2 or 3 AM bikes on the back. The first option is a trailer which is safe and sturdy, but seems very impractical to lug around for mountain bikes, and my second option was acquiring a North Shore style rack (looks like this for those who are unfamiliar

Please let me know if you've used one personally, know where to order one or have one made or have any positives or negatives you've heard from other riders.

Thanks in advance Smiling

I can't be certain but I'm sure I've read about these on Rotorburn. Might be worth doing a search there.

where are you going to mount your bike rack number plate on that?

I'd probably find a way to mount it on two of the frames with padding

i cant see them being compliant with our laws on bike racks, when some of the post style clamp racks like the jet black 4 bike q spear, doesnt comply or more shouldnt be used, all the info is in the adr rules and on the what was formerly the rta website

According to their design standards, a North Shore rack should be fine .

The bike at an angle wouldn't be more than 1.2m away from the rear of the vehicle, and in terms of width it definitely wouldn't be an issue, and there is no restrictions on height.

Suggest you also get a light board which will take the bike number plate as well. I have a Thule and it straps on easily AND provides turn/stop/park/reverse lights. Essential if you want to be seen and not have somebody rear end you (and your bikes).

Thanks for the advice Ray, I currently have one that I use on my Thule rack, and it's great!

You are talking about one of these, right?

Yep - that's the one. I can't remember where I heard this (probably on NobMob) but I recall that a number of cars with bikes being booked returning from an event for having their lights obscured. I also recall nearly rear ending a learner at night near Cooma who had 4 bikes on the back - and they were really hard to see!

Jump onto the Oxy Riders FB forum. Think a few guys there have them or may have perhaps made copies.

Only heard good things.

There are also some very nice custom bike rack trailers appearing up there made by a local.

Have also heard good things about these:

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