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Virgin Capital Punishment

By andyfev - Posted on 16 March 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Capital Punishment 2014
Slow N' Reckless
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Team: Slow N' Reckless
Who are we?: A group of mates riding for fun


Early in the new year I posted a forum topic on training advice ( Very kind NoBMobbers gave me some great articles and advice. My plan was for a 7 week training programme with the goal of a sub 3hr finish at CP. This was going to be a tall order given I'd only ridden twice since November 2013.

The training got off to a great start with an interval session midweek and a longer distance and climbing centred ride on each weekend. On the cusp of starting my 3rd week of training I got struck down with the flu knocking me off the bike for 3 solid and long weeks. With only 2 weeks left I had to pickup my game and get training again. Going into the event I had only 2 blocks of 2 weeks training under my belt. I was nervous.

The Race:

My goal was to beat last years average time of 3hrs 6mins with a second goal of sub 3hrs. I started in the 5th wave of 200 or so riders and due to my lack of training I seeded myself close to the back knowing the first climb was meaty. What I had learnt going into the event was the value of high cadence to save the legs and I didn't want to get caught up in all the adrenalin fuelled chaos at the start.

At the top of Dairy Farmers climb my position hadn't really changed too much. The next section to the foot of Stromlo saw me gently move up the rankings with no real energy expenditure. At the foot of the climb I was feeling good so pushed on a little harder slowly gaining places as I went.

The descent along Skyline and Luge was awesome. The trails are amazing and suited my style of riding. I think I was smiling all the way down. I managed to pass the group I was climbing with just before the ST got too technical and I knew I could descend at a reasonably quick pace. I was right. I dropped the group and caught and passed others and just loved it.

I'd been reading a lot about nutrition not just for the race but also for efficient training and recovery. My plan was to stop at the feed station for a quick gel and banana. A minute later the original climbing group started to come through so I quickly jumped my bike and headed off again. At this stage I was sitting 323 of all 50km riders. I was feeling good and knew I had more in me and that I needed to push myself a little more. I was really surprised how good I was feeling given the very short training I had done. Interval training really does work I was thinking to myself.

The next stretch of long fire road I span quicker and was picking off individuals and large groups that looked to be paying the price for going hard on the Dairy Farmers and Stromlo climbs. Going faster and faster I paid the price of overconfidence and washed out on a fast right hander. I was laughing at myself as I hit the deck and slid on my side for what felt like a longtime. I quickly picked myself up and turned my seat back around to face the correct direction. I heard the tyres of another rider approach so I smashed the next section knowing that any climb would put me at risk of being overtaken (climbing is not my strength). At about 40km the reality of a sub 3hr finish was almost a foregone conclusion. I was really happy with myself for sticking to my race plan. All I had to do now was focus and keep spinning.

The final 5km and I had continued to gain places and was still feeling good. Many riders were really hurting on the last climb taking falls and stopping for air. I thought to myself that that was me at the Fling last year and knew the pain they were going through. Unusually for me, I hadn't suffered any cramps either, which would normally hit me around 30km. However, I knew my body was starting to breakdown but would see me through.

Entering the Crit I managed to sprint to the end picking up a few more places. Passing the line I felt relaxed, great and super happy with my race. Everything worked as planned. No mechanicals, high cadence, had power when needed and no cramps! From the feed station to the end I improved my overall ranking from 323 to 246 and a respectable 83rd place in my category (I assume Masters is Veterans?). I'd achieved both goals and finished in the top 39% overall.

This has given me the hunger for more. More training more racing. One thing I know I need to do at the next race is seed myself higher up and believe in myself more. Being at the back of pack has it's challenges when trying to get a good run on ST.

Event was awesome and really well organised. I'll be back next year looking to ride stronger. Thanks to all those that gave me advice when I asked for it, and especially thanks to Ants for writing up his "what it takes" series. All of these pockets of information has helped me enormously.

Our team, Slow N' Reckless, is a no sponsored group of 3 weekend warriors. Big congrats to Pete for smashing his first100km. I'll let Pete B do his own write up but he did get a knew nickname... stitch Eye-wink

What a great race you've had!
That's so good to read.

There is really nothing better than feeling good, mid-race, and being able to consciously pick it up a bit. Laying it down, perhaps not so great, but that's part of it - right? No blood, no fun? (I have a small graze on my fore-arm from brushing a tree, so I still count - just!)

Well done.

The stack was less than welcomed but probably well deserved. Missing a fair amount of skin on my leg but as you say no blood no fun Eye-wink

Still overjoyed at my result. Could I have gone quicker? Yep, but that wasn't my aim. I wanted to compete and enjoy not compete and hate as was the Fling last year. Thanks again for your insights. I've learnt lots through watching your training on Strava too (which is boarding insanity Eye-wink).

Well done on your solid ride, sounds like a hard day out

Well done Andy, glad you had a great race and ended up with an awesome result. See you at the start of the 100 next year?!

Hahaha... No!

I'm happy with 50km Eye-wink

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