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Interesting bike tech

By hawkeye - Posted on 21 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Being stuck inside with the dreaded lurgy while the sun shines brightly outside, I've been getting my mtb fix by surfing the web.

Interesting new XC shock from Euro suspension shop BOS - under 200g!

Probably won't fit on my Scalpel, but it seems fine on this Rocky Mountain Element:

Sub 50g composite disc rotors with metal/ceramic brake track and magnesium carrier:

I love the BOS products. I had a set of Idyle Rares on my DH bike for 4 years. Best fork I ever owned! I still have a BOS rear shock.

BIGGEST problem with BOS is service and parts. Bostralia is no longer importing and getting parts is very hard. NSDynamics can service but parts are still a problem.

From what I have heard importers have nightmares dealing with BOS!!!

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