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Wind breaker....

By pommygit - Posted on 09 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Lightweight & wind resistant riding jacket?? dollar wise under $100 would be good.



When it starts to get cold in the morning I wear one of these, under my riding top, with arm warmers:

For me I find it's a better way to manage the cold/heat than a wearing a jacket.

While speaking of Ground Effect, their Baked Alaska top is pretty good.

Worn with a thermal undershirt or even a summer jersey underneath it does pretty well as a late autumn early spring top.

For full winter I add arm warmers underneath, leg warmers. In the depths of August early morning windchill, I add a hi vis jacket/ gillet and, finally, a breathable rain shell and sometimes rain pants.

The last two items usually get peeled off by the start of the first climb, but there are a few weeks of the year where they stay on the whole commute. The shorts and jacket roll up small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.

I bought one of these a year ago and love it.

Cinettica Velocita is a water proof breathable jacket.

It is unreal. Sealed zip, sealed seams, breathable material, wetsuit like ends on the arm sleeves for tight and weather proof fit, light weight so you can scrunch it up in the back pocket of your jersey.

Great specials on at the moment at Kathmandu.

For under $100, got one of these:

Rode the Oaks on the weekend with it, and it was just fantastic. Kept me warm, kept the wind out and I didn't overheat on the whole ride.

Packs up into it's own pocket and easy to carry.

Highly recommended, but get in while the specials are on.



Good luck


Got the new Anaconda catalogue in the mail today, sale starts this Wednesday, and saw that the have 25% off bellwether clothing and saw the Element Jacket for $89.99. Interestingly it is on-line at the moment for $72

Browsing the site looking for a link I also found this which may be a better option, more versatile option,

Sorry, I don't own either so can't comment on quality but thought they might fit the bill with change to spare.

I layer as needed with the following

Short sleeve body tight thermal
Long sleeve thermal
Short sleeve, 3/4, or long sleeve jersey
$7 Target flanny on top

The flanny can be buttoned if really cold
This gives 4 layers over the core and only 2 or 3 over the arms
It can be unbuttoned during climbs for heat dissipation

Surprisingly I've found this a comfy combo
13-15 degrees - long thermal, short sleeve + flanny
Down to 0 degrees - all of the above using long sleeve jersey option

I am trying to figure what to get as a breathable fully water resistant top / jacket.
Contemplated Gore, but Sydney bike shop peeps said they don't stock them bc it never gets cold enough. Ha! On the other hand I'm reluctant to spend hundreds to figure out that it's really an overkill.


BTW in 3-10 degree morning rides I find a short + a long sleeve wool baselayer, a syntetic jersey and a gillet does the job.

I scored a goretex jacket from the Mountain Design outlet in Auburn for $75 and used it while I was riding in Jindabyne and Canberra 2 weeks ago.
In Jindy the weather was around 5 degrees and in Canberra it was around 3 degrees in the morning. I still wear a thermal underneath as an added layer.

The Goretex did the job, I wasn't sweating from overheating and it still kept me warm. Pretty sure it will keep me dry as well if it rained.

I wouldn't spend $200 or more on a full priced Goretex Jacket though, knowing that I can potentially ruin it on a crash.

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