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By Bernd - Posted on 25 March 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

.. Du von Bayern??
wenn ja, muss ich Dir mal "mein" Hefe Weizen brauen!!!!

Echter Schwobe/Badenser aus dem Schwarzwald, im Rheintal, in der Naehe von Freiburg...und du?

he's from the Black Forest in the Rhine Valley, now enough talk of the mother country you two or the rest of you will join in Eye-wink


you never never know if you never never go...




Rgds, Hans

I reject your reality and substitute my own...

But how good was it, I loved the music and the riders, where is that Bernd if you know?


.. I'm not the only Kransky u could ask!!!
Hans posted it from his backyard... Black Forest... I think Feldberg, which is the Mt Kosciusko of the Schwarzwald region,!!
about 2.5 - 3h (in a 911!!) south of Frankfurt Airport, not far from the Swiss border (Basel)
if that helps...

Video 1 and 3 are great!! Laughing out loud I guess Germany has been added to my MTB'ing holiday mecca list.

What a pity that I picked up MTB only after coming to OZ Sad
Time to go back now I guess... Eye-wink

or at least time to visit those friends of friends of friends, there must be SOMEBODY I know in Freiburg!! Puzzled
And isn't the song in the first vid the BEST ever? Love it!

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