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Time clipless pedals

By Geegee - Posted on 09 July 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone use these pedals because they have dodgy knees? I have one very dodgy knee and have been using spds and have been recently struggling a bit and am wondering if a set of these pedals might be a good investment. If so which model?


It depends on why the knee problems are occurring. The two articles linked below help to diagnose or think about the problems. I've got dodgy knees that hurt at different places on the power stroke. I have my cleats (SPD) as far back as I can get them. I've even modified shoes to get a more foot central position for the cleat. This modification reduced my knee pain considerably, as well as reducing calf cramps.

Both cleat positions are twisted from the centreline of the shoe so that both feet sit in the middle of the free rotational play of the cleat/pedal. When they put my right leg back together they didn't get the foot on straight so the right cleat has to be angled about five degrees from straight ahead. So have you got the cleats in the right position for YOUR legs, knees and feet? Do you have rotational free play both ways?

Also the ball of the foot over the axle can kill knees.

Anyway read the articles and there are many more on the web about cleat set-up/positioning.

PS: I would recommend you read all the articles on the above site Smiling

Thanks. Good articles and possibly part of my problem. I've switched to flats at the moment and trying a mid foot position that I read about on another website.

I have used TIME pedals for many years and find them very good. Plenty of side float and you can clip in easily in the mud. I too have had trouble with my left knee and occasionally would get pain whilst/after riding. I have switched to flats for downhill an XC and have not experienced the pain in my knee again. I still use my old TIME ATAC mtb pedals on my road bike and used TIME CONTROL Z on my all mountain bike up until recently when I switched to flats. TIME style pedals would still have to be the best type of pedal if you have dodgy knees and need to be clipped in I reckon. I have never used SPD pedals so don't know if the mechanism needs any maintenance, but I can tell you that my TIME pedals have required zero maintenance in ten years.

Ordered a set of time atac mx4 so I'll see how they go. It appears that no one has a bad thing to say about them . Now I just have to wait for them to arrive!

Also consider Speedplay pedals as they have a lot of float.

Speedplays are great for road and i am growing to like my zeros more and more but I think the cleat is really going to struggle in wet conditions off road. The spring in the road cleat is problem enough if you get the tightening torque wrong, I think it would be a royal PITA if you added wet grit to the scenario with the mtb unit.

They have arrived, swapped over the cleats and whacked them on the bike. The platform is good and feels really solid. There does seem to be a fair bit of movement compared to my xt pedals but at the same time I felt well connected to the bike, I've got it set up at 13 degrees. The spring tension on the mx4 isn't adjustable but it didn't feel too tight and clipping in and out was easy. I'm now looking forward to trying them out on the trail.
Is my knee feeling better, a little early to tell, unfortunately a previous injury means it takes a while to settle down once aggravated but I remain hopeful because I hate taking pills

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