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Centenary Trail Canberra

By DudeistPriest - Posted on 18 July 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey there,

Has anyone ridden the Centenary Trail down in Canberra? I'm doing some house sitting down there next week and thought I might give it a go. I know it's not hardcore mountain biking, however, from what I have read it does sound like an interesting ride.



I have done the Northern half.

Its not a hardcore trail but still plenty of single track and a fair bit of climbing.

We did it in the middle of summer on a 40 degree day when training for the Cape Epic, it will be very different temperature wise now.

The ridges are pretty exposed so it will be cool this time of the year.

Signage is OK, but missing in a number of areas where you cross through the suburbs of Canberra. So having a map or GPS trace would be a good idea.

Well worth the ride !


Thanks Dicko and yep it's going to be cold.

I did the whole thing in one hit over New Year's earlier this year.
It is a great ride but signage is non-existent in suburban areas.
I think I did a write up on here about it actually. I'll have a look and add the link.....

hi, I 've ridden full trail its not completly straight forward to follow at least when I rode it a week after its opening...the signage is lacking in most part.......I'm pretty sure I do have the GPX file I could post to you if you have appropriate device to upload it on to then you'd have no worries with turns etc.....was a fantastic ride from memory about 130 k & 2200m climbing ?.....let me know if you want me to post gpx file

That would be great thanks. I've tried downloading the GPX file from the official web site but I can't get it to work


this is my activity log for the Centennary ride, try either sending to device or exporting to save as a file...see if this works on your device....there will be one part where you need to clamber over a wire fence then ride diagonally across a paddock, this is off route slightly but was permissible by owner when we rode it....youll love lifting your bike over gates by the end of it..theres heaps of it....good luck.....

thought I might be able to get you a more correct route without the private property encroachment also I remembered we climbed an absolutely horrible hill only to realise we should have gone around it therefore I've added this persons ride details which look a bit more accurate than mine and a bit less need to click on Export / save as GPX Track into a selected folder and then upload to device from file location....cheers

Thanks Fred greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure if that previous link works ????...try these

It worked no worries, the first one that is.

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