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Centenary Trail

By DudeistPriest - Posted on 25 July 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just finished riding the Centenary Trail, my wife and I decided to do it over two days, did the Southern end first, rode about 92KM. Track is good, great variation and signage wasn't too bad. The best of the Southern single track is from Kambah Pools to Tuggeranong, however, flow is spoilt somewhat by the number of gates you have to lift your bike over.

Rode the Northern section today, rode about 60km, lots of single track from Mulligans Flat to Hall, plenty of climbing too, the ride up One Tree Hill got the legs working. There weren't as many locked gates up North.

We rode the whole thing anticlockwise, don't think it matters too much down South, however, IMHO the North is a better ride anticlockwise, but no doubt some would disagree.

This is definitely a ride worth doing.

Thanks to all who provided me with advice and tips.


Sounds like a fun ride!

What was the total time you ended up doing it in, spread across the two days? How did you find navigating the streets? That always seem to the concern that gets raised

Well with getting lost a couple of times down South, stopping every two seconds to take photos, cafes and sightseeing, we spent about 14 hours riding, however, if you just rode and only did the 140ks you'd probably knock it over in about 8 - 9 hours.

Signage was ok, couple of times we had to go searching for it and the track no longer goes through the Southern end of the Arboretum which threw us off track for a bit, but overall it was fine.

Geoff, I'm glad you both enjoyed the Centenary did you go with those GPX files ? (navigation wise ).....what about the number of gates you have to throw your bike over ?...theres some great rides to be had down Canberra I can recommend is Canberra - Moruya can be done as 1 long day or an overnighter @ Majors Creek or Araluen Pubs...only trouble is getting back from could always ride back...hehehehe.....anyway well done mate, catch up with you on a ride maybe ?


Hi Fred,

The GPX file worked fine, so thanks again for that. We did have a great ride it's a terrific track and I'm looking forward to riding it again. The ride up North through the hills and single track was really good.

There are plenty of gates and I think they drive you a little crazy by the end of the day.

What's the route to Moruya?



Geoff, this is the Canberra - Moruya ride I did overnighter.....we rode day 1 to Araluen but we had booked accomodation at Majors Creek pub (back up a massive hill) luckily some of the blokes wives did a car shuffle back up the hill.......... second day back down the escarpment from Majors Creek to Moruya Heads.......choose between staying at either Majors Creek pub or Araluen pub both are equally good altho the owners at Araluen pub are heaps nice people and they both come from the Central Coast... once down and past Araluen the dirt road follows the Deua river with some beautiful swimming holes them for exact points but they are just a few meteres off the track......anyway you should be able to suss out the roads we took and make your own route on Ride with GPS...let me know if you need a hand or need any questions answered...highly recommended either need to arrange pick up or ride back tho ?

Cheers mate

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