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Stromlo conditions

By staffe - Posted on 10 September 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone with up to date info on Stromlo conditions? Has it been soaked like Sydney? Reason for asking is to anticipate what tyres and bike and other stuff to pick for Saturday's race.

Any recent track status update will be greatly appreciated.


Rode there last week (Sunday 31st to Tues 2nd) and it was very dry (and great riding!). It did get some rain on the Tuesday arvo while I was there. According to the BOM website there's been no significant rainfall this month in Canberra until yesterday which measured around 23mm.

Hope that helps.

Last Sunday 7th Sep, I made the trip down to Stromlo for the day and it was sunny and dry! Too dry in fact as the trails were hard packed with loose gravel surface... dusty too. I was drifting in some flat corners.
The forecast for Canberra is looking good for the weekend Laughing out loud

Sounds like it'll be a nice dry event - yay!

rode it tuesday 9/9 very dry and loose
rode wed morning 10/9 after a heap of rain on tuesday night and it was great to ride and only a few puddles here and there

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