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Kowalski Classic 50km

By Pete B - Posted on 21 September 2014

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Kowalski Classic 2014
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50KM/Open Male
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Great race on a great course. Looking forward to next year already. It's a shame the trails are so far from home as I'd love to ride them more.

Maybe a skills test is needed for anyone starting in wave 3 or above though. The first 15km were so frustrating because of guys who obviously had the fitness but no skills and walked any obstacle bigger than a marble. It wouldn't be so bad if they moved to the side to let people who were still riding past! *Rant over Eye-wink *

Well done on a sub 3 hour Kow, despite the frustrations. I agree, it is annoying having incompetent riders on the rocky sections as it really makes a bottleneck. I suppose it's just motivation to get a really good start. Even at the front end it happens though (albeit nowhere near as much) so I suppose that's just something we need to deal with when there's 700 people on a singletrack Eye-wink

You can definitely make a good day's riding down there if you spend a weekend down as there's definitely plenty of riding to do!

Nice one Peter. For that race you really need to give it all on the first hill

Thanks for the encouragement guys.

It's made me want to train harder for next year and start in the 2nd wave and maybe avoid a bit more congestion.

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