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Smashed but happy

By jp - Posted on 21 September 2014

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Kowalski Classic 2014
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50KM/Masters Male
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I had pretty low expectations going into this, having done virtually no riding in the 10 days leading up, and still coughing from a flu that lasted almost 2 weeks. But I was feeling OK and was on a new bike (Giant Anthem) that I only picked up on Thursday. I really approeciated having dual suspension today.

For the first 25km I think I was sitting in about 40th position overall, but I started to fade in the second half and let about 20 people pass me. Not sure if it was the tail end of being ill, going too hard in the first half or just lack of fitness, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the race. Singletrack is not really my strength, and I need to learn to lay off the brakes.

I've heard there were bottlenecks further back in the field but I didn't experience any of these- the only thing slowing me down was my own skills/ fitness.

I felt pretty smashed by the end, but loved the race.

7 weeks til the Fling... training starts Tuesday!

Well done jp. The effects the flu has on performance run beyond just feeling better.

Top 15% result overall and nearly top 20 in a very competitive age category. Great stuff!

Dually was the go today for sure.

Well done on an improved category position and glad that the bike got you through it well. Despite ST not really being your thing, you did well and pleased that it was also your physical as well as technical limits. I guess now it's more OMV practice and fun on the QRT hills to make you all ready to kill the 'Fling!

.. given the limited prep. It's a great place to get to like single track - pity it isn't a couple of hundred km closer to home.

With your new health / fitness regime and a good training block, you will be dangerous at the Fling.

I don't know how people ride that Sparrow Hill stuff on a hard tail - oh to have a young set of vertebrae!!

Thanks for all the comments.

I agree Lach, it would be great to have trails like that closer to home. But I'm pretty grateful for Old Mans Valley and a couple of other options close by.

The preliminary resluts included suburbs, so I had a quick look at the top 20 in my category - 10 of them were ACT locals.

I did the Kow on my hardtail last year, and it's defintely more fun on the dually. So nice to be able to sit down while riding!


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