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27.5 inch parts and 26 inch parts

By Biker23 - Posted on 22 September 2014

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Can anyone advise what parts are interchangeable between the two sizes.

Ie; wheels, brakes, forks, running gears


6 bolt brake should be the same. Apart from bottom bracket, gears are same too.

In general, fork and wheel are not interchangable because u change the geometry specified. But I saw some 26 uses 27.5 wheel with 26 fork before.

Yeah I went from a 26" Totem to a X-Fusion Vengeance 650b fork and lost clearance.

But a 650b wheel won't go in to many frames designed for 26" wheels and if it does it makes your cranks sit about .5" higher which is usually a bad thing to do. I had a 650b frame with 26" wheels and it was good, super low and lots of fun.

I'll be converting my 26ers sometime soon. One requires a slight frame adjustment, the other is a drop in fit. Yes you sit slightly taller. Helps with pedal strike Smiling

Have a look at the MTBR forums on the topic, there's a lot of info on the conversions including all of the specific frames and forks that will work. In some cases you may also need to put spacers on the rear shock to reduce travel and avoid interference.

As a rule all of the Fox 26" forks will take a 27.5 but Rockshox will not. I converted my SantaCruz Superlight by putting a F100 fork on it and grinding off the front derailleur cable stop, worked a treat and gives the old girl a new lease of life

What changes did you notice to ride characteristics?

I think a 1deg angleset would do more for an old frame than a slightly bigger wheel would. You do notice a difference in rolling over roots and things especially when tired but there's no way I'd do it to a 26" frame unless your BB is at something like 300mm with 26" wheels.

I am having a 650b frame made in the next few weeks and will play round with wheels sizes on that, it may be run 26" for DH and 650 for XC, not sure.

To be honest I'd been spending so little time on the MTB before and after the conversion that it was hard to quantify the differences. If you use Manly Dam as a reference it certainly rolls up and over obstacles easier and even using tubed tyres initally (so less traction) I was able to knock about 30s a lap off my standard times without busting a gut. The downside is it feels a bit higher and can feel like it may OTB on slow technical descents, hard to tell how much different it is but it's a feeling

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