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Torture Implement?

By Rob - Posted on 14 April 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This kindof looks like a bike, but I think not... what sort of torture implement is it?!

One of many silly machines found in his gallery:

Seems this was ridden by Bruce Bursford, a dude who holds a record or two, particularly for riding on rollers:

Using the special LOLA Ultimate Bike, Bruce Bursford managed to attain an absolute speed of 207.9 mph. His record was timed by equipment from Datron using their DLS-1 Speed Sensor. On 29th May 1996, timed by the same equipment Beresford also managed to achieve the maximum distance and average speed test for a one hour continuous ride, on this occasion the absolute speed attained was 121.9 mph.

I was posting this for a humorous interlude, but Googling more reveals Bursford was tragically killed while out on a training ride. How many elite riders have been mown down in this way? So sad - scumming is just not worth it! Sad


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