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What has been seen

By hawkeye - Posted on 29 October 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

... cannot be unseen!

I present to you the Scurra Hard Enduro 29er.


That looks a bit heavy.

like the seat.

needs more lipstick on the pig...should have gone all pink including the seat!
maybe a carbon diet would fix the weight problem..


Linkage forks were all the rage in the 90s.

The Girvin forks that were popular on Proflex bikes had some advantages, they did't tend to dive under breaking and tracked better with less flex than telescopic forks of the time.

Some modle did jack under but designers could customise the wheel path (some kept same wheel base through travel).

If it wasn't for the need for telescopic fork manufacturers to improve their products to match (or nearly match) those advantages while covering the disadvantages we wouldn't have the level of suspension tech we have today.

Anyone can copy and replicate but it is out of the box thinking like this that helps push the progression.

Snear all you wnat but if only 1% of these whacky ideas prove practical it pushes the whole sport forward

Trailing link suspension - don't knock it till you try it - Greeves you were ahead of the times - all is forgiven Eye-wink

If you want to avoid pistons this looks like a far better idea:

Or this...

LOL... WTF is this:

Now my eyes hurt...

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