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I think I've been ripped off - really cheesed off!!!

By naz - Posted on 05 November 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I bought ay-up lights from user named marto71 who advertised on this site 3 weeks ago. After a few phone messages we agreed on a price and I paid via EFT, I was really looking forward to getting the lights as I planned to use them for the Mont 24hr race 2 weekends ago.

To date no parcel has ever arrived - he said his daughter was posting the items on Monday 20 Oct (should have been express post as advertised) reason he was late posting was because he needed to make sure everything worked but the ad stated they work perfectly fine and nothing wrong with them.

I have contacted him by leaving a number of personal messages and have called him numerous times even everyday sometimes but he never ever answers my calls any more nor replies to my messages. I've been very polite in the messages but after the Mont weekend have never heard from him and non contactable!

I am just feeling SO pissed off I paid $330 to this guy! I just need this person to contact me to resolve the issue that's all. What do you all reckon?


A similar thing happened to me albeit with a significantly smaller amount of money. Nothing arrived in the post and no replies to emails and PMs.

After a few weeks I wrote it off and ordered new parts from Evans. Then, out of the blue, 6 weeks later, he sent me a PM and offered to refund my money. To his credit, a couple of days later I had the money back in my account.

Don't give up yet - there's hope he'll get back to you.

Sorry to hear about this, but that's why you really shouldn't trust anyone online. If you can pay with a credit card or PayPal they often have protection programs.

On the plus side you have the guy's bank and contact details. He will be easily identified in case you are forced to take legal action. I believe this would come under small claims action which is a few bucks and a bit of paper filled out. Most people might not bother with the amount involved, but if you feel it's a matter of principle might be the only way to go. It would be horrible to come to that of course so hope he does the right thing and comes up with the goods or a refund.

You may consider to launch a dispute to your bank asap and report to police in order to get book number. I believe the bank does have the personal detail and you may request to pass his detail to police. They will give him a call or knock his door.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone - you never know, they might turn up like Pete said but not holding out much hope for that one. Think reporting this will be the way to go, bought lots of things online and most people are decent so this is the first bad experience. Paypal next time!

pm sent to naz, if anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know

His profile has an email address and mobile number.

cheers, didnt even look there

14 months later, you're thinking about a refund?

Good on you if you do but fuck me! Taking the piss or what?!

no havent been on, didnt recieve messages and have been in the pilbara due to work, better late then never,and i never knew they failed to turn up at all

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