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Lights action

By mb - Posted on 16 November 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Need some new lights any suggestions?

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Check out MTB Revolution.....I got the Xeccon's and I'm super happy with them on my bars.There was a similar thread sometime ago that you might pick up.

Execcons are crap, dry solder joints, poor plug fitment, heavy etc etc. I have a set and a friend has a different set, my charger lasted maybe ten charges then lead fell off in the light after six months. My friend's is like being in a rave going down the trail, it also strobes quite badly on the low setting.

Pushys had some good prices on Light and Motion lights, they have a great beam pattern that doesn't piss others off too much and they are made well(made in China assembeld in USA) plus they put out a lot more usable light than a Cheaper light with the same supposed output.

Have also seen some good prices on some Night Rider lights lately too but I don't know if they suffer the reliability issues their cheaper lights do.

I've had no issues with my xeccons - I only use one on the bar it's been excellent. I have a light and motion 900 on my helmet. Burn time on full power is roughly an 1h25. Some of my mates have Exposure lights which seem to be fantastic long burn time and well made - Pushy's had them on special recently.

I'm pretty happy with my Gemini Duo

Love my 2700 lumen MyTinySun. Turns possums into stone at 50m and its great for getting rid of the noisy bats from the neighbour's tree.

Does a great job of compensating for my crap night vision and astigmatism around Kowen with its nice wide even spread and nuclear outputm

The lithium battery is starting to get a bit tired after 18 months worth of daily commuter duties though. Time for a new battery.

.....Minter Barnard (aka Warthog) on NOBMOB. He came first in the Highlang Fling 10 days ago and won some fancy lights and will undoubtedly sell them at a great price given he already has good lights.

I run a Niterider Lumina 700 on my helmet, and the Pro Race 1800 on my bar with the battery mounted on the downtube and love it. Yes expensive, but a high quality product.

I've had no issues with my Xeccon's. First set have been used regularly for over 12 months and not long ago I got a second set for my son to use. @fairy1 if you have any issues give them a call, they're easy to talk to and stand by their products.
I recommend them without any hesitation.

Looking at the MTB Revolution website , just wondering which helmet light people are using and recommend one over the other?
S12 two or Spiker 1211?

They've got a "live help" person on their web page might be an idea to ask them what they would recommend?

Thanks I've been in contact with Leonard. The S12 is long distance and better if riding solo, spiker 1211 is broader and better for group rides and lighter weight. I was just after peoples personal experiences with them.
Never ridden off road at night before and with summer on the way , it is looking like a good way to go to beat the heat.

I have the Spiker 1210 on my bar and it's awesome......not sure if those are out of stock? It has 4 LED's.

I run the sogan900 on the bars and the 1211 as a head unit. They're available as a package.

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