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suspension set up

By Team evolution - Posted on 20 November 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

just bought a giant trance advance 0 i have set the sag no worries but can't find anything on were to set the low speed compression and high speed rebound on either the revolution fork or the monarch shock

any help would be great

Go ride and try these tips

If sag is good - then start with the settings in the middle of their range. Think you have to set the sag in the D range on Giants? (assuming you have CTD)

You could of course ride the bike with soft settings, see how it rides, then hard settings and see how it rides - you then know the difference between the two Eye-wink and adjust accordingly.

I have the Monarch RT3 on my Scalpel and found at first that i needed to run 30-35% sag to get decent ride quality and use the travel appropriately. It took quite a few months to bed in, and a long time to get my head around not complying with the "25% rule" but in the end trial and error showed that giving up that 10% was what was needed.

I noticed a few weeks ago it was sitting deeper in its travel so upped the pressure 10psi. Now it seems to be just right with 25% sag, the usual standard for XC.

I now have an enhanced respect for the quality of Fox shocks! But the RT3 seems to be performing really well.

Read this PDF which is a collection of the suspension setup series on bikerumor.

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