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LBS - good customer service still exists

By Steele1968 - Posted on 26 November 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

XT master cylinder / lever failed (piston jammed on) on my Rumblefish not long into a ride on Sunday which locked the rear brakes on. I had to release the banjo fitting to get mobile and without rear brakes the 435m decent from Brokers Nose (Illawarra Escarpment) to Bulli was "mildly interesting" but that is another story.

Took bike into Bicycles Plus Campbelltown on Sunday. They looked at on Monday and lodged the warranty claim with Trek that day. When we spoke on Tuesday they were not sure how long it would take for Trek to process the claim or for Shimano to respond and send the replacement part. They took the initiative to break apart an XT groupset in stock and install the master cylinder onto my bike to get me going within two days and without me missing a ride. They will use the replacement from Shimano to replace theirs.

No issue with the failure as things do fail at times but is what happens after a failure which ultimately determines a good customer experience. Trek and Shimano's warranty process might turn out to be quick but I will never know as Bicycles Plus actions had me going without any delay.

Often we hear about the negative experiences with the LBS but this is one to help keep the balance and prove good customer service still exists.


I had a similar experience recently when my hydraulic brake line ruptured. Left my bike with Scott at St Ives Cyclery, to order a new line. The part was out of stock so Scott took it upon himself to fit a temporary brake from one of his bikes and I was back on the trails within a day. He even phoned me to let me know bike was ready and status of parts etc (normally it's the customer who has to chase the shop to find out how the jobs going) I was impressed.

The replacement part finally arrived back in stock after over a month! I would have been either without a bike for that period or had to buy a new set of brakes.

There are some great LBS around and worth supporting - if you are in the area, go have a chat to Scott - he's a wealth of knowledge too.

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