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City Bike Depot ceases trading

By hawkeye - Posted on 01 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Heard this morning that City Bike Depot has made the call to close its doors.

More info here. There will be a sale tomorrow.

Quite sad about this as Hugh ran a good operation.


I was just in there on Friday to pick up some gels - must have been about 2 hours before they closed up! Didn't seem like anything was amiss with Hugh or any of the other guys.. what a shame!

Such a shame. These guys were good to chat to and very knowledgeable, they helped me with a couple of purchases and were always really helpful

Best bike shop I've known.

I think Ive bought 6 bikes over the years from Hugh and spent a lot of time there just hanging out with the guys. They contributed so much to my whole experience of cycling that it's hard to imagine they wont be there.

To me they epitomised what the LBS could contribute over the faceless internet outlets. Want some advice on places to ride ? - No problem
Want to know the best type of bike carrier ? - No problem
Want to know if the chairing you want is compatible with your crankarms ? - No problem
Want to build up a custom spec 24inch kids bike? - No problem
Need a spare wheel over the christmas break cos yours has just died ? - No problem
Need to borrow a Gazebo for the Mont? - No Problem
Need some Demo bikes so your roadie mates can try the Mont? = No problem

Best wishes to Hugh and the guys.

Really going to miss them


Oh, mate,

Hugh gave me some honest advice rather than purely sales. Besides, competing with 3 major brand shops in city. I can imagine never be easy.

Wish them all the best.

The queue outside the shop goes around the block.
If you've got eclectic taste you might be in luck, otherwise don't hold your breath Smiling

The vultures have certainly flocked to CBD today. Was in there half an hour ago, I mean tried to get in there, and its insane!!! Lots of small stuff left but honestly couldn't really tell what it was as there are so many people in there.

Its great to know that Hugh wont be left with much at all

Wished I had known the Intense bikes would still be on the shelf. I would have ventured down there at 10am. Saw one bloke walking one of them out and another in the line waiting to pay while I was there!!!!! Lucky bastards lol

Here's a photo my dad sent me just before 10am

download 20141202 104306

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