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Convict 100 2015 to be run in reverse

By xmas - Posted on 02 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I think it was rumoured last year but it's now official.

Still my 1 and only 100km race... It left me a little bit scarred. I decided that the 50km races were more my style...

I'm sure the regular 100km Convict riders will have a bit to say about the reverse route???

With a broken wrist that will see me in a cast for 6-12 weeks + physio to restrengthen this will be my goal either way!

... and I had stopped doing it. Now to make it more interesting, they have added 18 kms, which puts it right at the limit of my comfort zone. But on what looks like a great track (well, once one hauls one's arse up Jack's Track at least). Will have to review travel plans for 2015 to see if I can still be here for 2 May.

I've decided to give it a miss next year and do Rock & Road instead

Sad and relieved that I wont have the chance (blowing myself up) of going sub 5 on the old course again.. boo (yeh!)

But this does mean that they have to keep this course route for at least 2 years, so we can come back and beat last (next) years time.

I'm not really a fan of change, but I'd like to see them change it back to running it on the Sunday.

I am dissapointed that the course has changed. I rode the 50km last year for the first time as an overweight unfit rider. It took me for ever to push up that first climb. So many people went straight past me. I did it in about 3.20. Now I am much fitter and was looking forward to taking some major time off last years effort.

I'll be doing the 68km for sure and looking forward to the kayak bridge.

The first climb will be bloody tough.

Don't worry Simon, the climb UP Jack's Track will have you crying for your mummy.

28% in places Laughing out loud

Look out for the impression of my face about 100m before the top.
@phil can point it out... Eye-wink

... I assume that was on the way down at some stage, or did you pass out from fatigue on the way up??

Lack, have you seen that front flip on redbull rampage?

Just like that, except off a water bar , and a little short of the landing.

He won a chopper ride back to sydney as the prize

... and on the descent north of St Albans before the run back into town??? I remember the chopper parked just across the road as I got spat out onto the gravel for the grind back to town....

BF got given a whole lot of custom titanium parts, made just for him. Smiling

I think the course will be quicker in the reverse direction!

In the first year of the event we climbed up Jacks Track at the start as they look like doing this time around. We then did what has been the first major climb for years now (Blue Hill?) and then we had a similar climb somewhere not far from there so basically 3 big mother climbs not the 2 we do now. The winner that year was Olympian Paul Rowney and he was about an hour slower than the current race winners. I was close behind him in 9hrs 51mins...

I see that'll be a big change for many other riders. The 68km in particular will be interesting as now it has Womerah, canoe bridge, Shepherd's gully, GNR and branches off a side track to the river. Good thing is that you can get the fun stuff there without having to do the 100km if you don't feel like completely destroying yourself Eye-wink

there's still plenty of fun to be had on the other side of Clare's Bridge too.

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