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26 inch commuting tyres

By Team evolution - Posted on 15 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

my wife is ridding to work on my old 26 inch trek and would like some road orientated tyres that we can run tubeless any ideas

At the moment theres a cross mark on the rear and an ignitor on the front something even with less tread than the cross mark would be the go



Not sure there will be many semi slick UST tires out there, and I'd rather change a tube on the side of the road than deal with sealant.
Any semi slick looking tire will be fine.

But awesome rolling and great wet weather grip:"

Oh, and as close as puncture proof as you can get. Never had anything penetrate the casing when I used them for over a year.

Awesome hawkeye I was wondering about them myself, I'm sure I found them in a larger width than 1.3" previously.

If Ritchey would re-release the Moby Bite I would be happy.

If you want something a bit wider try these
I used them on my MTB for the road/bikepath for about six months while recovering from injury and couldn't ride trails, and my daughter now has them on her bike.

I wouldn't bother with tubeless for commuting either.

Have used these on my old 26" MTB without any punctures (over a few years through thick and thin) and now use them in 700C version on the updated commuter. Bulletproof. A bit tough to get on, but it's set and forget. Long lasting too. Those Chermans know how to make an urban tyre.

I first had some Innova slicks from T7 coz i was too cheap to shell out for the more expensive tyres.

6 punctures in 5 days between Christmas and New Year in 2007 thanks to some cretins smashing glass at Milsons Point. I was contracting at the time. Cost me a lot more in billable time than I saved with those cheap tyres!

Besides helping you keep the rubber side down, good rubber (either Conti or Schwalbe) saves you money in the long run.

Hey sly_artichoke, I use those Schwalbe tyres on my commuter. Pretty good, but not quite bulletproof - this one went right through the tread and out the sidewall, then proceeded to take chunks out of my mudguard with each wheel rotation. Mind you - I don't think any other tyre would have survived, whereas I put a tubeless tyre patch on and am still using the tyre!

not too sure if theyre tubless or not but i use them on my thrasher/ street bike and theyre fine. easily cope with easy off road stuff ie compact sand and gravel, but avoid pea gravel unless youre running about 15psi. been smashing round on the roads, footpaths n cycleways for bout a year now on the same set with hardly any wear. theyre also dirt cheap

The Schwalbe Plus range is marketed as being pretty much puncture proof with the picture of a thumbtack not penetrating through the tyre. I've punctured 26" and 700C versions of the Marathon Plus and also Durano Plus. Down the Hume Hwy it's the little bits of truck belt wire that do it. Shorter than a thumbtack in length too.

I've resorted to running the Durano Plus in ghetto tubeless form. So far the single puncture I've had sealed and I got home. The Durano is a much n icer feeling tyre than the Marathon and significantly lighter.

Thanks guys probably will go tubed wanted to stay tubless just so the good lady had no issues with punctures

I had a set of XCR DRy 2's, which rolled brilliantly on pavement on the 26er hardtail. I didn't think you could still get ém. I wonder if the ones you mention @Callum are the same rubber?

I've used Michelin XCR 1.4 for ages. The bike paths have been pretty good so I'm not sure how puncture proof they are but I've ridden them for two years daily between flats. Repels glass well. Very hard wearing, tacky, super fast, like pass roadie fast! Same rubber as the Pro3 road tyres which were very fast. Max PSI is 87 which is good. The wife used to pump them up to close to 90 and then a two months latter pump them up again when they were down around 30 PSI. The ride just got a bit softer and slower.

Whatever you get, check the max PSI and consider getting one with a high max PSI.
They look out of production but their replacement looks good as well:

Some rims also have a max pressure rating too so make sure you don't exceed that.

I know a Fat Albert won't stay on a Flow EX at 50Psi, learned that one the hard way, my ear was ringing for ages.

Furious Fred scwalbe 26x2 Smiling

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