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By whiskers - Posted on 16 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

After a weekend of riding I have a badly burnt head in the shape of the helmet vents . My Q is what do you use for a bit of protection from the sun ....oh & I've tried sunscreen but it ends up in my eyes.. Sad


both have good options that will fit under your helmet after a minor adjustment, I've used both and each has their advantages. the Halo bandana has a built in band to stop sweat getting in your eyes and in my experience is quite effective.

I've also used Buff's tube and find it's a bit more versatile, check out the 'pirate'

I use a buff to stop sweat running into my eyes on humid days. It would also stop your head getting sun burnt as spindog said. A sweat beanie would also do the job.

Grow some hair (assuming your profile pic is a good likeness) Eye-wink

It's nature's sun hat - innit!

Buffs are great, but if you can find a Nike Dri-Fit Skull cap, then they are the business!!!!

Dude rags from moto bike shops.

a lá Il Pirata works for me. Arrrrrr! Eye-wink

Couple of months ago I bought a new helmet, a Cratoni Terrox...

Has nice big vents to keep you cool in the Oz summer which is why I liked it, but that does expose you to the sun a bit. However, it came with three different removable pads, one of which looks like this...

The netting bits between the pads are designed to stop insects, but they also do a pretty good job of sun protection, although unfortunately they also reduce the ventilation a bit (but not as much as a bandana or skull cap) which is why I normally use the other pads and save this one for long hours out in the sun.

Anyway, just another option for you to look at...

Old rugby tip to keep sweat out of the eyes

Vasso in a V shape, will run down your cheeks

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