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OMV Bike Festival Wrap-up

By Tristania - Posted on 19 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

From Campbell King, president of SNORC.

Thought I'd share to show others what a difference the support each person gives whether it be by volunteering, participating and just general encouragement:

"Hi xxxxxxxx
Well the inaugural Old Man's Valley Bike Festival was a screaming success. Check out the snorc Facebook page for more pics or for the results.
The celebrations ran throughout the day. The weather was perfect and the riding was a blast. A melting pot of cyclocross, kids races, cross country and a taste of dynamic downhill and hill climbing agony created a mixture of chilled friendly vibe with a big dose of excitement. There were some pretty big names there from the cycling scene and it was a good opportunity to watch some superb cycling as well as having a crack yourself.

Everything ran surprisingly smoothly thanks to so many wonderful volunteers giving up their Saturday to turn on our first bike festival. Special thanks to Alan Miller and Richard Searle for designing and preparing the CX and XC courses. The CX course was incredibly tough with a touch of everything - a classic boggy "Field of Flanders", hardcore US West Coast 70's cx, jungle cross, fast fire trail and even some single track. So it really benefited those with the broad skill base as well as a big motor. The XC course dried out nicely and the racing was face paced and nicely spread out thanks to a killer start up the fire trail and then plenty of passing sections. Thanks also to Martin and Juliane of Rocky Entertainment for donating their time and technology to run the day and also to Adrian Main and his team at Synergy Trails for getting the course right following the storms and also making the trophies from recycled wood and old bike parts.

And we are still counting but we are looking at being able to donate about $550 to the Hornsby Woman's Shelter - thanks in particularly to Zero Five Clothing and Cell Bikes for their very generous contributions and also to the Scouts for collecting money throughout the day.

A massive thanks to Hornsby Council for allowing the festival and supporting it with a community grant!!!!!

Thanks to the commercial companies who came to support the event, thanks to the riders, thanks to the spectators and thanks to all you wonderful volunteers!

Have a wonderful Christmas and if things get too stressed out with all that crazy family stuff then grab your bike and GO RIDE IT!"

One can only wonder what will be next!

It was a cool event.
I raced the XC but didn't do too well - not enough riding lately to perform how I would have liked. I got a good start, sitting in 2nd wheel, but ended up with a bad stitch by half way through the first lap and had to ease off a bit. I managed to get faster every lap and felt better and better the longer we went.

The bomber/whippet relay was a different event and everyone seemed to like it - I raced it solo as I don't have any friends and did pretty well really.
I didn't get there in time to see the CX but people said it was good too.

I think they could have compressed things up a bit though - running each grade separately took a long time. They could have easily combined A and B grade with a few minutes between them, like WSMTB do.

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