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fork upgrade

By datafunk - Posted on 31 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

where's the best place to look for some decent (tho 2nd hand) rockshox or fox forks for specialized rockhopper?

any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Have a look at the 'Wheel and Sprocket' ebay store. I got a really good deal on some forks from them.

That look really good - thanks

a decent fork costs as much as the bike originally
I'm probably best save my coin and go for a new bike a little later down the track..., oh well

first cab off the rank

taken from here

there are others there if the first is already sold.

Also don't forget fleabay and gumtree

New options here, don't forget these prices include 19% tax which we don't pay

and try a search on to help find other european shops.

thanks, good links kitttheknightrider!

yes it's a 29er, yes with another 20% off some of them may worth it, will browse through

I paid $750 for my rockhopper 18 month ago, so putting a fork on it for $450 feels like an overkill.
No regrets, I always knew I enter with that bike and see if it sticks..., well it did Laughing out loud

Also, I should consider dropping a few kilos from my person too - pretty cheap upgrade they say

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