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2015 outdoor part 4

By Flynny - Posted on 27 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Extending my little video series out to include my family and friends enjoying the outdoors. Won't be all bikes this year but enjoy

part 1

Part 2

Part 2b the Canyon out takes

Part 3

Part 4

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

was that super fun looking sand slide?

Lake lyle....

Or, in other more correctorest words

One mile beach forster.

Flynny, you have a PM.


Got it

Where did you find the time to edit the video amongst so much fun! Very envious!

Great video, great music choice and a lot of great fun!

It's only February but part two has dropped. Less beach, more bikes. Lots of fun

So after a hectic start to the year Winters been a little slow But it's Friday, the weekend beckons and, part 3 has been added. Catch you out there somewhere

Little more subdued towards the end of the year but part 4 has been added

What a great idea having family highlights in a video. Discussing with my wife right now about doing something similar. The sand dunes in episode 1 look unreal. Thanks for not including your other passion - snakes!

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