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AMB 100

By GarethP - Posted on 09 February 2015

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AMB 100 Marathon
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Wowzers, I am really happy to have survived that! And it really did become all about survival - the heat, the climbs and then as fatigue set in surviving the descents! Oh and surviving the 3:15 wake up.

Some highlights were - a beautiful cool lap under lights of Stromlo, including being on top of the mtn for sunrise - then bombing down Skyline and Luge! Friendly volunteers - man they were enthusiastic! Skyline, Luge, Double Dissolution 5 TIMES!

A pretty memorable day!

Well done. That's a huge achievement

5 laps of that track is an incredible ride. Hats off to you. Well done

I dunno how you manage it... the soreness in my muscles has only just worn off and I only did 3 laps - You would have ascended Stromlo 15 times in those 140km so well done seeing it out on a very hot day!

haha I'll tell you how I did it - just went very slowly!!

Seriously though, you guys riding at high intensity is much harder. It was a long time to be on the bike that's for sure but I was never really pushing it. Well maybe except for that fraking fire trail climb, that raised the heart rate a bit!

That hill was a killer.

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