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My Girlfriend Is a Mountain Biker

By Tristania - Posted on 09 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This was recommended for me on YouTube, and one of the few videos that was an accurate recommendation! This is hilarious, I suppose a humorous takeoff of what is usually the other way round (which of course happens to remind all single guys like me to choose carefully!)

Choose a girl who's dad rides bikes!

She can help set sag. Kick you out of the house to go ride when you get annoying. Bring food to accident and emergency. Expect you to abandon them at least one day per weekend. Tell you to go and buy the bloody bike when they get sick of Internet drooling. Can get talked into shuttle bitch duties and are secure in your relationship as they know you would never have time for another woman.

Thats sooo funny. reverse roles works every time

Simon,is find one that likes riding as much as you do!That way the weekends are happily planned around were to ride and the best breaky/lunch somewere nearby the trails!

It's the best!!!

There are many relationship dynamics that work.

Glad to find one that works best for both me and my wife.

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