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Yakima Holdup 2

By MarcT - Posted on 13 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Is anyone using the below and would like to comment on it?


I don't have one. But after a look, $500 is a lot to pay especially when it doesn't have a number plate holder and lights. While you could mount your own that is going to add extra cost. You could also run the risk of not running the lights and Auxillary plate but fines are becoming a lot more common and that money could be spent better else where.

For around the same price you could get a Thule 941.

I have the Thule 923 and I'm very happy with it.

Thanks mate but as long as I can avoid it I dont want clamps on my frame. Important for me is the easiest way of mounting bikes on them as I do it several times a day and to have the bike(s) stable on the rack when driving long distances.

I got one so these

Fits on the tow ball with a plate mounted under the ball.

Has tie downs and channels for the wheels and another tie down to secure to a padded upright. Takes about 1 minute to secure one bike. As the wheels are in channels they done move about in the wind and the bike is steady.

On special now at $137, plus shipping. (no I don't get commission)

I had one and car ran up the back of me with the my new bike on the back and the car's radiator was toasted and the rack, but the bike was fine. Got a replacement with the insurance and the new one has a better mount on it than the older one.

Can also get additional lights and plate bar as well.

I have the 4 bike rack and I'm very happy with it.It holds bikes very well,you don't even notice it on the back of the car.

"The distance from the centre of the ball to the closest upright is 22.5cm (for those that are looking at mounting this rack to a vehicle with a rear mounted spare tyre)"

No good if you have a van or 4WD unless you are using drop bars.

shelled out $800 on the aussie made ISI 4 bike rack

Good system with plenty of angle clearance for the back of the 4wd - so easy to put bikes on and off - and it really looks after them with good clearance between each bike.

Slight chore to get on and off though - solid steel so it weighs a lot - so you wouldn't want to be anything but a big tough 4wd'ing he man - with a big solid 4wd that can take the heft...

had this rack now for 6 months after going the roof mounted systems before .Love this rack so easy to use no hassles now mounting to the roof no gusting wind blowing the car around from roof mounted bikes and it comes with a wired lock to secure the bikes in buy one you will love it

Thanks guys, will get one on Saturday. I assume the assembly is pretty easy and straight forward?

Btw, did one ever have a problem with the cops with the rack on the car without bikes?


I've go this and not sure I would get it again. Actually thinking of returning it. The concept is so good, bike goes on in seconds. However the wheel clamp arm seems to get flimsy after some use (6mnths) and the pivot safety pin (spring loaded) doesn't always hold, resulting in bikes tilting back while driving- ended up with an additional pin which works but is now difficult to insert and makes it a 2 person job (for 1 bike). Also have been pulled over due to number plate issue.

Really don't want roof mounted but appears to be the only legitimate option to avoid number plate/police issues.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Ash, never heard of this issue and I researched quite a lot. Are you sure theres nothing wrong with your rack?

What do you mean with the number plate issue? I assume you've attached one to the rack didnt you?

Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush when I posted last. I'm in WA and towbar mounted bike racks obstruct the licence plate / lights which are offences. More here: You might not have to worry Smiling

Regarding the movement of the swing arm, the distributor said it was ok/normal. If you haven't heard anything it might just be my one. I'm going to take it in again. I'm still not too pleased with the need for the additional safety pin, which makes it very difficult to use the tilt function.

Did you get it anyway?

Didnt get it yet as the number plate takes 21 days to be made (wonder why). I would take it in again as well and I cant believe that thats normal. You may check it with Yakima directly, the guys are very helpful and normally reply within a day. They are also very keen to get more racks out there here in Australia as the market is truly dominated by Thule.

Has anyone tried the Gripsport 2 + 2 rack??

It looks good with the ability to convert from carrying 2 bikes to 4 bikes in seconds.

2 models available, one to carry a maximum of 4x17kg bikes and one to carry 4 x 28kg bikes.

My mate has the Grip Sport Classic for 2 bikes. That was really quick for loading and unloading bikes. No clips, just place the wheels into the slots, slide the hook arm down and tighten.

He attached an Auxillary plate and had no problems with the police. He has since moved to Perth. I had shared that WA post with him and he said he hasn't had a problem with the police.

i've got a Gripsport 2+2 - love it!

I've looked at this rack now several times but can someone tell me what the advantage of this is compared with a Yakima or a Thule?

I prefer my thule over the gripsport. The Gripsport has a separate piece that bolts down under the tow ball and stays on the car. The Thule locks directly onto the tow ball. The thule was far quicker for mounting the rack to the car and vice versa.

Even with 3 bikes on my thule, I can click a lever with my foot that lets all the bikes lean away from the car giving me access to the boot. As fot the gripsport, the bikes had to be unloaded to get to the boot.

The thule can be slower for loading multiple bikes as it can become a game of tetris to get it right. The clamp arms need to pass through the frames to reach the furthest bikes. But once you figure it out it gets far easier. There is also a strap required for each wheel.

The grip sport loads each bike individually making and only has the hook arm to hold the bikes down. This is of course far quicker for loading and unloading the bikes. But I was always paranoid about the security of the bikes to the rack but never had a problem.

At the end of the day it does take a little longer to loading multiple bikes onto the thule but unless your doing a lot of shuttle runs, Its not really significant.

The thule also comes with its own lights and plate holder.

For me personally who majority of the time is only transporting the one bike. The thule is ideal and out weighs the grip sport in pros v cons.

my gripsport goes into the hitch so is removable as per any other rack

I actually would recommend against the Thule because of the clamping. Having to feed the arms through bikes is a PITA!!

I have an M9 DH bike and its almost impossible to clamp it on!

does the torp 7 rack obscure your tail lights and indicators?

I've been looking around and couldn't find one under $450
I'll only use it every so often as I have a station wagon
So I want to keep expense to a minimum

But with a bike that has a shock mounted under the top tube
I'm limited to the sorts of racks I can buy
But I'm liking the look of this one

Torpedo 7 is good value and seems very tough, but like all of them can be fiddly and I usually remove my seat post or something if I'm carrying 3 or 4 bikes, just to get them all to sit nice, a cut up pool noodle is you friend at times too. It does obscure my lights kind of I guess (Vw Tiguan) but I've not bothered with lights yet, next on the list, got a number plate attached to a piece of pool noodle which I use in a bottle mount. If you had one of those SUVs with high mounted lights you might get away without lights.

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