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alpine epic trail

By Phil_ - Posted on 18 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

What amazing looking trail.

Too right!

Spindog and I were thinking about a trip to ride this trail. Sadly he seems to bave found a more attractive option with some 4 day stage race thingo.

Not surprising, really. My reputation for stinky farts when cooped up in small spaces for long periods (like a car) was bound to get out eventually.

You can keep them in ur car... I'll be taking my own. Let me know any dates u guys might plan yo head down. I was considering late oct, November...

Its really very good.
All of the riding around there is excellent - but the whole Epic trail itself is amazing. If you include the Stonefly descent, and then climb back up Stonefly the 2nd time (as it forms part of the Epic trail) and then finally ride up the Mtn on the road at the finish (instead of taking the shuttle) you will have around 4vm of climbing and the same amount of descending.

Pack a Powerbar though. Even the Epic trail alone is a tough ride.

I'm sure I'm gonna go back sometime in the late Spring...

You wont need more than 120mm of travel, but good brakes and some fat tyres...

i was reading that along the way there are huts you can camp in. Is this true?

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