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Slime Tubes

By ChopStiR - Posted on 18 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Has anyone tried them?

Thinking of putting them in my road bike.


on the valves. Sad

PITA getting air in them after installation.

You're better off with kevlar belted tyres like Conti Taterskins or GP4000s. Add tyre liners if you're heading into the outback.

Edit: I haven't tried road tubeless. That's another option if you want to use a sealant. PM Brian - he's been running it for a while.

These things are brilliant, I use them on the roadie and the commuter and have never had a flat since I started using them. They are also pretty light.

Schwable & Specialised have both got some good tubeless road clinchers now that roll as well as the gp4000s.

I haven't had a flat on the roadie since I went tubeless and I do notice the occasional trace of stands on the outside of the tyre so the stands is working.

What rims are you using, Paul?

Hawkeye, how do you know if you are getting a decent Conti tyre? My ol' man's bike came stock with some type of commuter style tyre and after ~3 month the tyre cracked under the Conti branding and at about 9 months it started developing cracks all the way around the tyre. I'm about to throw some dual compound Hutchi tyres on it, they supposedly have some sort of protection sheath but the French are sneaky and these things are light!

I'm running GP4000Sii 25c front and back. I bought my rear in November and installed it in December some time. It is now riddled with small cracks. Unsure if that's due to small fragment glass or something else but I've had 4 punctures in the last month. Zero pinch flats.

I had that happen with some Sport Contact 26x1.3's, a long time ago now. The cracking didn't seem to affect the integrity of the tyre. No bulges or anything like that to indicate the casing was compromised. So I kept riding until they wore out (while keeping a close eye on them).

These were the cheaper wire bead versions.

Have had no such problems with folding bead Contis. The GP4000s do wear a bit faster, but I am prepared to cop that in return for more grip. I had a puncture about 4 months ago from a sizeable arrow tip shaped glass chunk that stuck to my heavily squared off rear tyre in damp conditions

I'm currently using a set of Brian's old Taterskins (thanks mate Smiling ). Apart from being slightly slower rolling than the GPs, the grip seems pretty decent. I've had one puncture to date from a failed tube at the valve base causing a slow leak.

Have you thought about the Maxxis Refuse?

I've been using them for 6 months and not had a flat yet. I don't think they roll quite as well as the others mentioned above but I'd rather have the reliability than the speed.

Have heard they're quite good. One puncture in 5000km for my GP4000s ain't bad though. And the rear was worn pretty thin.

I dropped into Anaconda this morning to grab 3 more Tioga tubes for $15. They also had Slime Lite tubes for around $12 so I grabbed one to give it a trial. I also saw Tioga do a thorn resistant tube for around $12, I opened the box and had a feel of the tube. It was very thick and Im curious to know how that would go on the road bike.

They still have the hutchinson's on them that Brian uses however in the last year or so the other tubeless clinchers have come out and they have much better rolling resistance

what ever everyone else is saying as long as its conti gatorskin hardshells and buy good tubes schw or conti 1s.

I had a slime tube on my commuter and I got a puncture today that did not seal up.

Was quite a big hit, a piece of metal in the road, hit at speed and was enough to make 2 small holes in the tyre as well as the tube.

It tried to seal and there was slime all over the place but no go.

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