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AMB 100

By Lach - Posted on 18 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Re: This ride meeting: 
AMB 100 Marathon
Did not finish

There’s something about Stromlo…..

My 3 DNF’s have all been there or thereabouts. The wet Capital Punishment in 2010 due to the mud, the predecessor to this event also in 2010, due to a sore back. This time, it was a HR that quickly went through the roof and refused to settle down. I should have pulled out on the first climb, but stumbled around for a full lap with plenty of rest stops thrown in and lots of spinning in low gears. Managed to finish 1 lap just ahead of the 2 lap winners.

Still enjoyed the down hill bits but even there I was slower than ideal as I’d left my gloves back at the place we were staying at and had trouble with hanging on to the bars.

Even if I had been going OK though, I would still have struggled mightily with that second fire trail climb back up Stromlo. It brought back bad memories of the Mogo hills in the Angry Doctor…..

Really a day to forget for me.

Anyway, have subsequently got a medical all clear, so have been back on the bike down the South Coast this week to get a few km’s in the legs again before the Snowy Mountains MTB challenge.

So far so good, but I’ve drawn the uphill straw in our two man team for the Snowies event, so hoping that it’s not quite as steep as Stromlo :0

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