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Fox shock rebuild question

By Jonathan - Posted on 19 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hello everyone! Just a quick question, Ive noticed my rear shock is leaking a bit of air and for reference its an rp23s. How hard is it to service myself? Im assuming its just seals and fluid but is there any difference in servicing an rp23 and an rp23s?

Also where is the best place to get the seals and oil from? I really don't want to send the shock to fox for $250!!!!! Absolute madness..




Its easy - look it up on you tube. Fox Air Can Service

Fox Float Fluid apparently has the same characteristics (viscosity etc etc) as 85w gear oil for a car diff. I used this last time and my CTD unit works the same as with float fluid. Don't know about warranty issues for doing this.

Seal kit from the internet or LBS, a few rags and a $5 bottle of ispropol alcohol from the hardware shop, a small pick tool for removing some of the o-rings and and you're set.

have a crack.

i've seen videos and it does look easy i was just getting more of a 'real" opinion. Wheres the best place to get the seals from.

Ive seen jenson usa have the rear seals. Is it also worth going low friction seals for double the price?

Also. Has anyone used the push industries low friction fork seals on the front. I have a problem with stiction on the front and im hoping the low friction seals can help?


Try DiyMtb an aussie company for oils and seals, bearings etc.
For complex rebuilds try the bike shed mortdale, sydney.

Thanks for that.

Now as far as the yearly 125hour service is concerned is that doable by me? Fox says it involves damper rebuilds but is that just seals or what?



I run enduro seals on the front (have both fox and rockshox forks) and normally buy all seals for the both ends from as you get lollies with your parcel, the prices are competitive and i think it is in Australia.

I have run both the Fox seals and the racing bros seals on fox rear units. Both hold air in and keep goobers out.

The damper circuit rebuild (have only done forks) just involves a few more tools (circlip pliers) and more patience. Not sure about the damper rebuild on the rear shock, surely there is a manual out there for that too. Wouldn't have thought it was all that much more technical than a fork.

Madness? Please, for the love of something loveable, look after your stuff!
The $250 would certainly include a damper service. By all means shop around, but don't hesitate on getting this stuff done. It's critical. One cannot do dampers on a shock at home. By all means, learn how to do air can seals etc, but at least once a year, send it off to get the whole thing done.

I've done two rear shocks myself just buying the seal kit and using readily available tools and a home bench vice while playing the relevant YouTube video.

With your fork slide one stanchion in at a time and swivel it round, that will let you know if one side is sticky or if something is bent. I have managed to twist the crown on a Totem and a Stanchion on a 888, doesn't take much.
Fox forks have supposedly been having some pretty poor performing forks out of the box, not sure if they are reamed these days?

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