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xx1 noise

By clint_1987 - Posted on 20 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a creaking noise in my xx1 crankset when under load in low gears (big chain rings). I have only been riding for 9 months so any help would be much appreciated. I have read a lot online but but I was hoping someone may have experienced this problem. Thanks in advanced.


I'm only new to riding my self, So I'm not as experienced as the other members here but I had the same problem in my giant anthem. The bearings in the bottom bracket had some play in them. I replaced the bottom bracket and it fixed the noise. Not sure if this is much help but its some thing easy to check.

First & easiest thing I would do is remove all bolts from crank arm, chain ring etc, clean, regrease then re-install using correct torque. in my experience most creaking comes from dirty or loose bolts.

In order of most likely ( assuming you've got it correct and it's only under load from the pedals and happens when standing )
Bolts for chainrings.
Is crankset tight
Deraileur and hanger interface
Bottom bracket
Deraileur knocking

All the above you start with remove, clean, reinstall with locktite or grease as appropriate.

Also you need to exclude the front of the bike - it's not uncommon for people to think their BB is making a sound when it's actually their headset or CSU

When you find it can you fix mine Smiling

I had what I thought was a crank noise on mine and it ended up being the rear hanger. We removed it and applied a very thin layer of grease between the hanger and frame then reinstalled it. This fixed the issue.

If it's a full suspension bike check your rear suspension pivot & linkage bolts. Creaking from the bottom bracket area on my 2010 Epic was actually the chainstay pivot bolt, with very similar symptoms to what you've mentioned.

Thanks for the help gents I will give it ago this week and hopefully have a answer soon.

I know what this is. It took me ages to work it out and drove me nuts!

It is to do with the wide-narrow chainring, and the angle the chain comes off the ring (at the bottom) - and specifically if your chainring or chain has any 'gunk' on it.

By their nature - the wide-narrow rings collect gunk on the 'narrow' tooth - you have to keep them super clean. Further - certain types of lube that leave a residue (most of the wax based lubes) tend to make a noise earlier in a ride than the wetter types of lube.

It really drove me nuts, but now I know what it is I can fix it easily, but more importantly, I know that if I hear the noise, nothing is really getting damaged - the ring is just holding onto the chain a little bit longer and tighter than it should do...

Thanks for your help you nailed it. New front chain ring at runs smooth as again. thanks for everyone that commented.

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