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ESI Racers Edge grips 'throttling'

By MrSarcastic - Posted on 21 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've had a pair of ESI racers edge grips for about 6 months now and I have had to remove them and put them back on a few times. The grips are not worn and have had little use. Just recently I bought a new set of bars and had to remove and put the grips back on for a third time in their lifespan. Now the grips won't 'stick' to the bars like they used to.

I have sprayed silicon inside them like your supposed to but they still won't stick. Any recommendations or is it just time for a new set?


Use hairspray and leave it overnight. I've had mine on and off a few times and they're still good.

in wet conditions Pete? The hairspray doesn't dissolve?

I had some LizardSkin grips that were secured with double sided tape. They ended up throttling a little, not enough to bother you while riding but they eventually both migrated inboard about half an inch leaving the bar plugs exposed.

After losing a bunch of bar plugs kissing trees I got fed up and put lockons back on. The idea of falling onto the end of that sharp bit of carbon fibre tube without a plug over the end made me shudder. Sad

I prefer the shock absorption of the foamies though.

Just cleaned the insides of the grips and the bars, so I will see how that goes now.

I've never had problems after rain. Once the hairspray dries it sticks fast. Only way to get them off is to either roll them back or cut them.

I bought lock on foams and never looked back and about the same price as esi from wiggle

Hairspray all the way if not lock on. Worked for years, decades even and will continue doing so.

Don't ESI recommend not using any kind of glue or spray? I find ESIs really tight too, never used anything to attach them just a little metho and water combined to help slide them on. I tried the jumbos but couldn't my hand around 'em and swapped to standards. I tried to remove the jumbos to reuse or give away, but had to cut them off. My bars are alloy but work just as well on my sons carbon bars.

So many bar ends get lost they should make them biodegradable. I whittled a couple out of cork for my wife's street bike, look cool and I don't care if one gets lost. Plus I get to brag about my whittlin' skills Eye-wink

+1 for hairspray. To get them off compressed air works well. Use can use compressed air to get them on as well but hairspray is just too easy.

Use hairspray for both.

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