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Praxis BB Conversion

By DudeistPriest - Posted on 21 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Thoughts on this:


but not sure about ceramic for mtb use .. I think it comes down to how good the seals are?

or you could buy an XTR bottom bracket for about half that (chain reaction) in my experience they are bulletproof.

after close to 18mths of riding in some pretty shitty conditions I had to replace my chainrings and so also brought a new bottom bracket thinking I'd replace it while I was at it (you have to pull the cranks off to do the chainrings)

the XTR has excellent seals and the grease and bearings were mint....couldn't believe that some of that fine sydney sandstone grit hadn't got passed the seals! since I already had the new bb I went ahead and replaced it anyway but there was no need...let me know if you would like to test a preloved XTR bb?

Actually, that's a conversion BB (SRAM's PF30 30mm to Shimano's 24mm Hollowtech II standard), so XTR wouldn't be compatible.

I've toyed with doing that myself, as I HATE the SRAM BB and Crank design in comparison to the simplicity of the Shimano ones (actually I dislike all the SRAM stuff I've tried and prefer anything else in most cases), and heard that the conversion BB's are supposed to be better than using the adaptors.

HOWEVER, I have heard (albeit only saw it once on a forum with nothing to back it up, and everywhere else says they're better than spaces), that they can be a problem too. Just don't see many of them around, so hard to judge on how good they really are (one of the things that's stopped me spending the money on converting myself).

I'm thinking of converting my BB from SRAM to Shimano

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