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Dropper seatpost and top tube converters

By sunny - Posted on 21 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've always lugged my 06 Reign around on a towbar mounted rack with a top tube converter. Today I switched out the seatpost for a Giant Contact dropper post - has anyone had any experience with dropper posts being ruined by top tube converters?

I assume the posts work really when used properly, ie, being sat on, but not sure whether they'll go as well being pulled the other way when in transit using a top tube converter.

FYI, I can manually pull the seatpost so it fully extends even when the trigger isn't pressed...there's no locking mechanism to stop it moving upwards.


any further regarding what your experiencing, but I have a '13 Trance with Giant Dropper, I have been transporting using a Frame adapter on Car Boot Rack and had no issues at all, I always had my Post extended to the Fully Extended height, have not tried it any other way, sorry. I have since moved to a Roof Rack Mount set up, but still use the adapter here at home for wall mounting.

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