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Mt Buller 2014 SML

By Rob - Posted on 23 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

More Mt Buller goodness... I wonder it tourism NSW are paying attention?

the Mt Buller management team are clear winners and deserve kudos for their long term vision and promotion mtb in alpine areas.
from some of the videos and magazine articles I've seen they've really set the bar in terms of the trail experience, can't wait to get down there and take look around...great video too!

has anyone been to Buller yet that might be able to answer my question?
Would the new epic trail and most other trails besides the down hill of course be fine on a 29er 4inch travel dually?
As we are going in about a month (frothin) and wondering which bike to take?

My 29er trance 5 inich or my 29er spec epic 4 inch?
thanks in advance

PM sent

I haven't been to Buller, but I did check the website and it looks the hire bikes they have are much better suited than either of those bikes.

Probably just leave those bikes at home as they're both going to be inappropriate.

4 inch dually is just fine and actually recommended as there are lots of climbing to be done there.

I did it with my 5 inch 29er and it was perfect and I'm not what I would call a good technical rider.

There were people on HTs, though I would not recommend it.

Jedijunglesnow wtf??

Sweet thanks yeah I might take the trance just have to fix the back locked on brake!!

... have just spent a weekend at the Snowies MTB festival and in addition to the tracks at Crackenback, the Thredbo / Crackenback River Trail and the DH, Flow and XC tracks at Thredbo, they are working on a much longer downhill XC track that will link up the top of the chairlift with the River Trail for over 40kms of downhillwardly goodness. Should be finished by Christmas.

Then there's Cascades for some back country work and Jindy if you get bored too easily with all on offer at Thredbo / Crackenback.

i think jedi was thinking of the many DH trails it is/was well known for

But obviously trails for 'all mountain/ enduro' riding automatically opens an area up to a significant rise in visitation

I read in AMB that the new managers brief was to increase visitation to the area
Her response was in her words 'a no brainer - more MTB'

Cheers Andy; you try and give some helpful advice and as a reply get accused of being a drug abuser. Really tests your faith in not just other forum users but humanity in general.

DTM you should still consider the hire option, and watch out for all the flies.

@DTM: You could definitely do them on your epic for sheer grin factor I would take the trance. I ride a Kona Hei Hei 29er with 100mm travel. I go down every year just after new years and ride Buller. Awesome trails is an understatement in my books.


yeah just a very strange comment ? Thats all why in earth would I hire a bike when i stated I own 2 ?
And as stated I didnt want to ride any down hill trails ... but yes thanks for the comments helpful or not?

certainly isnt planning on joining the party any time soon!I am SO frustrated with the useless A@@clowns in management and to some degree the parks thatjust dont seem to be interested-so they have this facility that sits idle for about 8 months of the year!Ive spoken to people that are involved in development in perisher and they said oh yeh about 7 yrs ago we looked at the option and it was plausible but there are no plans now or in the forseeable future to develop and mountain bike specific trails..GGGRRR. So whilst they sit on their hands and watch other resorts flourish with summer time activity there answer seems to be well lets just jack the prices up every season so we can rape the punters wallets for 4 months and see if that will see us through the year.Does my head in as ive been given grief for riding a few trails that are not sign posted as no biking,walkers only-yet to see a single walker when ive been riding and was told off by a ranger on a quad bike that had ridden up the trail and had crushed every thing either side of the track with his chunky nobbies for a couple of kms!!!oh and i manage a lodge there so obviously i have a vested interest in there being mountain biking at perisher.It just boggles the mind that they can watch what is probably the fastest growing sport/leisure pastime growing all over australia and continally keep their heads firmly planted in the ground... .

Problem with perisher, is without snow it's not attractive compared to thredbo which is still beautiful in summer - when riding past perisher in summer, it's a pretty desolate looking place, just too high I think

out to porcipine rocks is stunning,as are most of the tracks up there.You can look down the valley to crackenback and see the jindy lake and the thredbo river.riding round to guthega and down to island bend is also pretty special,no one around but teaming with wildlife, particularly wombats.
i agree the perisher"village"leaves much to be desired,but it just seems nuts when all the infrastructure is there just to have it sitting idle so many months of the year.Buller has nailed it thoughI cant wait to go down there ,it looks epic

I think a lot of mountain bike riders are dreaming of a trip to bulla. I know I am.

Mate I have no idea why you don't want to ride any down hill trails, all the best trails at Buller point downhill.

But if that is what you prefer so be it; I think you are the one on acid. Your Specilised will be great for riding uphill.

Anyone got any recos for cheap accommodation?

Keep shredding the Dirt!

for the summer season.Only been here a week but ridden alot of the cross country trails and copperhead-on my fatbike!So yes,4 or 5 inches is certainly fine for down here.Will be shuttling Deletite tomorrow,cant wait.

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