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DIY Carbon Frame Repair

By staffe - Posted on 25 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Small crack in frame and some rather pricey quotes left me thinking that I should just do it myself.

Super easy, just sand it down to existing fibre, slap on some epoxy and a carbon patch. Ideally use a vacuum bag but in lieu of that a freezer bag and duct tape as tight as you can to force that resin in to the fibre and make the patch as compact as possible. Then sand until smooth and paint it.

A few hours worth of tinkering and what looked like a disaster has been sorted at a cost of less than $50 in resin and fibre - yay!

Out of interest how much were you quoted?

400 to 600 bucks with one quote only painting the top tube black. Re-painting is the fiddly bit that is hard to get good in a DIY job.

Geeze... that's a bit impressive!

Where did you get the parts and how did you pick the epoxy? Or did you research it and find out doesn't really matter?

Got the parts from and picked what I needed mainly based on as small quantity I could get. A small patch on a small crack. Looked at one utube video and got encouraged to get stuck in to it.

Good to see, easier to repair than aluminium that's for sure

Is yours full carbon?

Have you changed any components?

with the Trek, light and fast and very agile. This year I have upgraded to carbon wheels otherwise it is as it came out of the shop.

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