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Derby rim cracked

By MrMez - Posted on 03 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Fun times. This after just 18km on these 26" AM wheels, and I only weigh 64kg.

The video.
Jump at ~1min.

How did it happen?
Top section of Scorpion on the Kalamunda Circuit. If you can call them jumps, landed one a bit nose heavy, and when the rear came down there was a mighty crack.

On paper these are great, as were my first impressions. I know buying from OS can make replacements a bit difficult, but I'm left feeling disappointed in the warranty process.

Having done some 1,400km on a set on Enve AM wheels, despite severe landings, rock strikes resulting in pinch flats and destroyed sidewalls, not so much as cosmetic damage or even the wheels going out of true.
Even the rubbish Light Bicycle carbon wheels on the DH bike have been treated the same, but with a bit of soap and water, should pass for brand new.

So it's obviously a manufacturing defect, but I get told something like... usually you have to pay for a new rim that has impact damage, but I'll look after you and just charge you $80AUD to ship a new rim which will take longer than the usual 6-8 weeks.
How is this impact damage? As a gesture of goodwill for an obviously defective rim, I was hoping for a reduced rate on shipping ($80 is a bit steep for a single rim), and at least an acknowledgement that it IS a defect, and not just a paypal invoice for "Impact damage" with the cost of a new rim added on, then removed as a discount.

I'm not saying don't buy these... but if you have a 27.5 or 29, you can get the Ibis version locally, which are the same rims.

I have the LB carbon rims on my downhill bike and my 6 inch bike.

I have had them on the 6inch bike for over a year now without an issue. I weigh 86kgs and ride the bike hard. It has been overseas twice now and race 7-8 times. They have been awesome!

I have had them on my downhill bike for 5months now but cracked the rear rim exactly like your photo. It happened on the downhill track at Thredbo. LB warranted the rim without question and charged me $30 for postage for a new one. Pretty happy with that as you would never get warranty on an aluminium rim!

Had these rims on my HD for a couple of months now and had no issues, I ended up getting them through Kalamunda cycles, Derby now does wholesale for LBS so I paid the same price as If I'd gotten them off the web. Doesn't help you, but if anyone else is in the market, I'd recommend this approach. If you do have a problem at least you can take them back to your LBS

Bet your glad the Enve's are not sold yet Smiling

Hahaha. Yeah, I'll still sell them. Got a pair of unused XTR wheels I'll have to 'put up with'.

Got KC to build the wheels, Had I known they could get them... yeah.

Anyway, Derby has been in contact a few times since and has offered free stickers and managed to get a replacement a fair bit sooner.

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