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Races for kids?

By CB - Posted on 03 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys

Are their any clubs out there who run races for kids ?

I need to find some races for my 9yo to do. HE done the 20km race at the Husky100 at the weekend and was going really well in the lead group until the sign vandal got him seriously off course and had to wait for mum to catch up....

He's too young to get into 50k races ( although I think he could finish one... he done 26km at the weekend and was keen to keep going ) and most of the kids categories at the big races are really only a few km and he doesn't see the point. He is struggling with the harsh reality that he won't be eligible to ride the Mont for another 5 years..... he loves the course and night riding..)

I'd love to give him a go at some challenging races but don't really know what's out there.

Any suggestions ?


Central Ourimbah this weekend . Kids A and B grade . It's on their Facebook page .

HMBA have junior categories at there regular club races. They usually do less laps than the men's grades.

Try the short track races at OMV and St Ives. They'll probably have kids races.

Most clubs have kids categories at club round. CTMBC have kids as young a 5 racing each Tuesday night.

We have 3hr at Rydal this Saturday.

For 50k races you are going to be hamstrung but national regulations that have minimum age requirement for endurance/marathon races

I'll look into those


Terrey Hills and Newcastle have children's CX races but he could try the grown up ones too possibly... Guaranteed to test him and tire him out but with a big grin

Could try a MTB day camp by Sports Camps Australia.

Nice work crummy , my mate has his enrolled in this hope the weather gods behave

Sounds like your 9yo has plenty of endurance! WSMTB ( good fun but the standard 20 min 9yo race might be too short. However there is nothing like winning to keep the kids interested. There is the under 13 race which is kind of sprint like, usually takes about 15 min. I have seen young looking kids riding the adults race track usually with Mum or Dad somewhere nearby. Maybe he can do all 3!

Thanks Guys, I'll check these out.


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